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    Me Gusta recibidos:
    Bueno aca estoy de nuevo ^^! esta vez les traigo "Given Up" de LP ovbio ^^!:
    Given Up
    wake in a sweat again
    another day's been laid to waste
    in my disgrace
    stuck in my head again
    feels like i'll never leave this place
    there's no escape
    i'm my own worst enemy

    i've given up
    i'm sick of living
    is there nothing you can say
    take this all away
    i'm suffocating
    tell me what the fuck is wrong with me

    i don't know what to take
    trough i was focused but i'm scared
    i'm not prepared
    i hyperventilate
    looking for help somehow somewhere
    and you don't care

    put me out of my misery.

    Espero que les guste... Salu2:adios:
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