Mu Online xP Esta Online desde el 24 de Mayo del 2012

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  1. jos

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    Me Gusta recibidos:
    Mu Online xP abre sus puertas el dia 24 de Mayo del 2012.
    El Mu Online es un juego MMORPG 3d Online muy jugado por cientos de Gamers.
    Registro de cuentas:
    Descarga del juego al igual del parche en el sitio web
    Version del Servidor Mu Online xP Season 6 Episodio 3.
    Experiencia del Servidor: 2000 ex
    Drop del Servidor: 60%
    Todos los Eventos que conoscas en Mu Online xP estan funcionando, incluso el Sky Event y mucho más.
    Algunas caracteristicas mejoradas en esta version Mu Online:
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Must Hold CTRL to attack the other player
    . [Event] Illusion Temple fixed timer value on NPC click
    . [Event] Illusion Temple fixed timer value on Invitation right-click
    . [Event] Illusion Temple fixed right-click on Invitation
    . [Event] Illusion Temple add check if can register with statue if inventory is full
    . [Event] Illusion Temple timer is going up not down (must be a 15 or 20 min countdown)
    . [Event] Illusion Temple statue positioning and direction error
    . [Event] Illusion Temple statue and its NPCs can not be killed
    . [Item] Fixed durability reduction of Rage Fighters gloves
    . [Event] Kalima level entrance fix for Rage Fighter
    . [Move] Fixed warp level for Rage Fighter
    . [Gate] Fixed entrance level for Rage Fighter
    . [SCFDS] Fixed error in parameter conversion when calling WZ_CS_ModifyCastleSchedule
    . [Server] Fixed lock of ItemAddOption.txt by Load380ItemOptionInfo function
    . [Monster] Add Hell Maine box drop (Aida Boss)
    . [Event] Auto Allow PvP on Halloween Event
    . [Event] Halloween Custom Event <<< Turn players in to Halloween Mobs (make others kill them)
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Dark Side skill Wind Attribute check
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Dragon Slayer skill Wind Attribute check
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Dragon Lore skill Earth Attribute check
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Fitness visual Fix for character panel
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Deffence Success Rate visual Fix for character panel
    . [Skill] Rage Fighters Chain Drive skill Ice Attribute check
    . [Monster] Mobs of Season 4 to Season 6 dont do the original skills, or animation.
    . [Event] CryWolf Altar players can not be moved by range skills
    . [Warning] Here must be somthing to put the Name [CJewelOfHarmonySystem::LoadScriptOfSmelt]
    . [Warning] !!! : Sacrefice Skill Missing Proper ViewSkill State
    . [Items] Joh works on weapon, SD and DD on armor doesnt
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Added Gold Fenrir Reward
  2. jos

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    Me Gusta recibidos:
    [Resistance] Implement R_WATER (6) resistance to skills with: water element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_WIND (5) resistance to skills with: wind element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_EARTH (4) resistance to skills with: earth element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_FIRE (3) resistance to skills with: fire element
    . [Resistance] Implement R_LIGHTNING (2) resistance to skills with: light element
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Added when event finish warp to Team Base
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Fixed Pedestal issue
    . [Event] Illusion Temple Added Random Position for Statue
    . [Skill] Added Sacrifice skill VS Ice Resistance implementation
    . [Resistance] Recoded resistance implementation for all resistance types
    . [Items] Fixed add mana and add life on gObjCalCharacter for Item Effect
    . [Skill] Mana Swell skill fixed on gObjCalCharacter
    . [Skill] Add Life skill fixed on gObjCalCharacter
    . [BotPet] Not complete, but added talk dialog of botpets talking to attract players
    . [Server] Reduced player structure memory usage (BOOL => bool or byte)
    . [Skills] Rewriten attack behaviour for all poison type skills (ObjUseSkill.cpp)
    . [Event] CryWolf Altar players can not be killed by other users addon
    . [GMSystem] GM cant drop nonexisting items (prevent constant empty drop)
    . [Items] Added elite Mana,Health,SD potions usage (14,70)(14,71)(14,133)
    . [ChaosBox] Cleaned and reduced size of chaosmachine structures, less memory consumption (.h)
    . [MonsterAI] Cleaned and reduced size of MonsterAI structures, less memory consumption (.h)
    . [Event] Cleaned and reduced size of all event structures and variables (.h)
    . [EventItemBag] Added better tracing logs to see how the system behaves
    . [EventItemBag] Increased drop rate random value for better drop configuration of boxes
    . [CastleSiege] Fixed iterator warning in GetNpcData function
    . [Event] Double Goer monster count fix during spawn
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian gate kill for friday fix
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian trap spawn instant (to increase mob count inside event)
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian trap fix (acting like traps from 100 to 110)
    . [Event] Imperial Guardian monster count fix during spawn (if cant spawn 1 or 2 monsters)
    . [Event] Double Goer gate entrance fix for one of the rooms
    . [Event] Double Goer doesnt drop excellent items FIX
    . [RageFighter] Dark Raven doesnt hit him FIX
    . [JoinServer] Doesnt Allow Join Banned Account FIX
    .[Gens] Algunos miembros del guild son sacados varias veces FIXED
    .[Skills] Elf Buffs no desaparecen cuando se les agrega mas de 1 minuto FIXED
    .[CastleSiege] Optimizada GSCS Menos CPU, Menos RAM,
    .[Reset] Agregado RF Resets soporte
    .[BotVipShop] Permitido abrir Vip Shop con BotVipShop (CRYSTAL EDICION)
    .[Warehouse] MultiWare Sistema FIXED
    .[Anti-Hack] LuckyCoins, DoubleGoer, Imperial, Alchemist, Kanturu Gate antidupeo proteccion
    .[Server] Pet Bug Cheat FIXED
    .[Bots] Puede Matar Bots NPC FIXED
    .[Gens] No entrega recompenza FIXED
    .[Gens] Agregado Rank Control en configuracion del servidor
    .[Items] Opcion harmony agregada a items +14 + 15 Agregado
    .[AntiAFK] Fixed Poder warp a Lorencia cuando un pj da (/trade, etc)
    .[Items] S3 Wings enemigas attack power it returns with 5% probabilities Hit You too FIXED
    v.[Monstruos] Fixed RegenTime
    .[RageFighter] Fitness skill aumenta estamina fix (VitalityToLife)
    .[VIP] Cuenta VIP cambia de Server (VIP Icon FIX)
    .[Quests] Fixed Quests del Season 6
    .[Quests] Agregado mejor control de inventario cuando se finaliza la quest y se recive el item
    .[RageFighter] Cant hit RF FIX
    .[Servidor] Menos memoria usada en distintos procesos
    .[CustomJewels] Disminución del uso de la memoria, rediseñado el motor para la aplicación de joya
    .[BotTrader] Agregado BotTrader (Igual que TradeMix pero con Motores de búsqueda y otras características) (MAX 10 BOTS)

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