SCFMT 7.04.02 Cracked by Plasma32

Tema en 'Servidores de Mu Online' iniciado por Binarys, 25 Jul 2009.

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    Hola comunidad de GamerzLove les dejo los files 7.04.02 cracked by plasma32
    Full Changelog of Files
    . Season 3 Quest Item Req Count opt Added [GS/GSCS]
    . Random game DC [Caused by: It's not his magic [ACCOUNT][CHAR] . ] [GSCS]
    . Quest Anti-Hack fix against gaining points [GS/GSCS]
    . Added new ini file for SkillTree System SCF_SkillTree.ini [GS/GSCS]
    . Barraks and Refuge Quests killcount loading through SCF_Season3.ini [GS/GSCS]
    . Dont add Event monsters if the events are Dissabled [GS]
    . SCFdb Fixed [GS/GSCS]
    . Extra Exp for VIP users in normal GS Fixed [GS/GSCS]
    . Item Socket Recovery option fixed [GS/GSCS]
    . BC Crash FIX [GS]
    . Quest Anti-Hack implemented against paket editing and item check added [GS/GSCS]
    . [Spawn] Monsters dont Reappear when died FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . [Custom Events] Monsters dont appear FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . [Custom Quest] Profession Change! - ADDED [GS/GSCS]
    . Reset System for Masters different of Normal Characters [GS/GSCS]
    . Master Skill tree server move visual bug fix [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Soket System 'RECOVERY' from old system included [GS/GSCS]
    . Fixed Quest Class overflow (for multireset servers, that reset quests) [GS/GSCS]
    . Character looses exp at max level if he is not 3rd Class [GS/GSCS]
    . After LevelUP summoner has wrong HP [GS/GSCS]
    . Summoner DC if DL uses firescream not far away [GS/GSCS]
    . Summoner HP inconsistancies during DIE, Login, Warp [GS/GSCS]
    . Kalima Gates Fixed for DL and MG (could not move to kalima 2 to 7) [GS/GSCS]
    . Explotion Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Magic Circle Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Reduce Dmg Shield Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Five Shot Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Sword Slash Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Lighting Storm Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Birds Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . After LevelUP summoner has wrong HP [GS/GSCS]
    . Summoner DC if DL uses firescream not far away [GS/GSCS]
    . Summoner HP inconsistancies during DIE, Login, Warp [GS/GSCS]
    . Kalima Gates Fixed for DL and MG (could not move to kalima 2 to 7) [GS/GSCS]
    . Item Move Limit FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Master SkillTree Skills dmg fix [GS/GSCS]
    . Master SkillTree MaxLife Show Fine on Connect FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Master IceStorm much damage fixed [GS/GSCS]
    . Mastering Level fix, no more going over the Max Level [GS/GSCS]
    . Mastering Level fix, no more levelup points after max level [GS/GSCS]
    . If CryWolf event has been lost, NPC doesnt dissapear [GSCS]
    . Visual Effect for altar user missing [GSCS]
    . Fixed CryWolf Altar visual States [GSCS]
    . ChaosCardProbability FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Monster AI Element FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Destroy GIOCP FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Rebuilt Mastering Level-Up system, no more levelup after max level [GS/GSCS]
    . Socket System Mix of Spear Seed Level Fix [GS/GSCS]
    . Anti-Hack System for Lehap improved -> added trade states [GS/GSCS]
    . Anti-Hack System for Warp and Gate Moves added against item duping [GS/GSCS]
    . When kill a pk you become a pk [GS/GSCS]
    . Socket System Box-To-Box GS crash issue fixed [GS/GSCS]
    . Added Switch to Enable/Disable EXC drop of Socket Items (default: off) [GS/GSCS]
    . When u try to upgrade the socket item in chaos goblin machine, sockets vanish [GS/GSCS]
    . Fixed item delition from Socket machine if moved from-to same position [GS/GSCS]
    . Fixed EventItemBag names messup, added new EventItemBags [35-39] [GS/GSCS]
    . New Transformation Ring of Snow Man [GS/GSCS]
    . Summoner First wings with PET Visual BUG on Selection Screen FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Summoner First wings with PET Visual BUG on Game FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Map Move FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Reset Mail Send and Check FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Santa's NPC (468 to 475) Shops Added [GS/GSCS]
    . Santa Invitation Warp to Santa Map [GS/GSCS]
    . GS Packets recv from SCFdb fixes for SCFdb3 [GS/GSCS]
    . [Command] /addbuff fixes [GS/GSCS]
    . Marry bad field FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Doesnt load Marry settings FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Doesnt save the sometimes SkillTree [GS/GSCS]
    . Does not Increase damage by +11 [item with any type of sockets] [GS/GSCS]
    . VipMoney Recv FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Reset System send mail with req items in reset level [GS/GSCS]
    . Reset System add luck, opt, skill, level on item req. [GS/GSCS]
    . DL Cant equip rings, pendants, and accesories FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Item(kor).txt added Summoner Row [GS/GSCS]
    . Item(kor).txt can add 3 value for masters example (1 dw 2 sm 3 gm) [GS/GSCS]
    . Map Move Server in GS does not support maps with index over 50 [GS/GSCS]
    · Cant dissable shield protecting the crown in castle siege event [GSCS]
    . Visual effects do not show on monsters and characters when seen on screen [GS/GSCS]
    . Night Skill Addition Fix (on Monster die, complete structure clean) [GS/GSCS]
    . PCPoint Shop Dupe FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . SCF_EventManagement.dat new system [GS/GSCS]
    . Illusion Temple Skins [GS/GSCS]
    . Married People cant TRACE inside Events FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Happy Hour Exp FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Checksum Main FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Quest DarkElf FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Fixed Improper CheckSum combination for delete socket option [GS/GSCS]
    . On Item Bless, JOH, JOL and so on... Socket options visually dissapear [GS/GSCS]
    . GM Logo Icon Fix on top of the players head [GS/GSCS]
    . Lehap Trade-Dupe Method [GS/GSCS]
    · Have to hold control down to attack players [GSCS]
    · Not allowed to switch char while in CS [NOT A BUG!!!][WEBZEN PROTECTION] [GSCS]
    . Transformation Ring buffs and effects during equip fix [GS/GSCS]
    . Socket System Mix: Remove Option, item delition FIX [GS/GSCS]
    . Socket System Engine change [crash fix, mem fix, options dissapear fix] [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Socket Item drop added + new options SCF_Season4.ini [GS/GSCS]
    . 75% Less Memory usage implementation [New exe + dll tech] [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Delete option from item [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Insert option in item [GS/GSCS]
    . Implemented SCF_SocketItems.txt to read Socket Items [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Seed Spear (Success/Fail) [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Seed Jewel (Success/Fail) [GS/GSCS]
    . Item Dissapear from inventory fix (move item function) [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Socket Options work on Equip [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Chaos Box created [item move inv<->box] [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Item Move on same spot crash fix [GS/GSCS]
    . New Player Global Structure (crash/delay fix for some cases) [GS/GSCS]
    . Anti-ALT-F4 Bug System [Rollback Fix][On Chaos Mix] [GS/GSCS]
    . Anti-ALT-F4 Bug System [Rollback Fix][On Server Move] [GS/GSCS]
    . Can not Sell to NPC equipped items, anti-disapear of items [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Options Warehouse Load & Save [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Items with new options drop and pickup Fix [GS/GSCS]
    . Season 4 Options Inventory Load & Save [GS/GSCS]


    Cracked 7.01


    DataServer Fix columna SUM y Soporte nuevos mapas 0.64
    DataServer Fixed
    Repack by Snake1719 100% estable:
    Repack by snake1719
    Repack by J0sTrike:
    Repck by JOStrike
    Config Files:
    Config 7.04 Files
    Terrain 64 y 65
    Terrain 64 y 65

    ConnectServer Webzen by Gembrid
    ConnectServer Webzen by Gembrid
    Joinserver con MD5+DLL de autodesconeccion (By Gembrid):
    Joinserver con MD5+DLL de autodesconeccion
    Joinserver sin MD5+DLL de autodesconeccion (By Gembrid):
    Joinserver sin MD5+DLL de autodesconeccion

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