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  1. [Party Rate]
    Normal EXP: 20x
    Premium EXP: 25x

    [Normal Personal Rate]
    Exp: 15x
    Drop: 15x
    Gathering: 15x
    Crafting: 15x
    Quest EXP: 30x
    Quest Kinah: 20x

    AP NPC: 2x
    AP PVP: 3x

    [Premium Personal Rates]
    Exp: 20x
    Drop: 20x
    Gathering: 20x
    Crafting: 20x
    Quest EXP: 30x
    Quest Kinah: 25x

    AP NPC: 5x
    AP PVP: 8x

    - New characters will receive the following:
    Warrior: Courage Plate Set
    Mage: Wise Cloth Set
    Priest: Mercy Chain Set
    Scout: Flash Leather Set
    All new characters received 1,000,000 Kinah.
    - Quest Base Leveling System
    - Auto-Level 9 for new characters!
    - Supports / / Clients.
    - Supports 2.0 Client as well (recently tested from Aion Test Svr)
    - All Enchantments 99.9%
    - Player commands //givemissingskills
    - Custom drops : Click here to see some list
    - Simple Change Class (no quest required)
    - Instances (not all but most)
    - Skills AUTO LEARNED!
    - Stigma & Advance Stigma AUTO LEARNED!
    - Fly Time 3 minutes (default)
    - No Drop reduction. (means if mob is lower level than you, you still get loot)
    - Vendor Sell 70% (you get 70% of original item price from NPC if you resell)
    - FREE TITLE: Fenris's Fang! (gives atk speed, movespeed increase)
    - Advertise US & be rewarded: (if you advertise US and post a link back to our forum, you'll be rewarded with Abyss Gear Full set)
    [Player Commands]

    Server Notes:
    The Server Rates are set to 'mid-rate' type of settings thus players will have time to collect, hunt & enjoy the game. Not so fast, not so slow progressive game experience.
    However, if you think the rates are slow and you wanted to LEVEL FASTER. We offer you to DO THE QUEST!
    Yes! Quest.
    Quest in this server plays major role for players who wanted to level faster! You gain 10% more compared to pure-grinding leveling style!
    The server is still in under development and we will have to fix those in no time.

    We will also be giving out Events where you will win rare items, rare titles, etc...

    We are also open for suggestion!
    Head to our forum and let your voices be heard!

    [Launcher + Updater]
    Aion PvPers Launcher DOWNLOAD

    Aion PvPers Website (temp)

    Extreme PvPers Forum
  2. vaya acdo de server no se parece nada al original, este es uno de esos que matas un mob 5 lvls mas bajo que tu y te hecha un drop que flipas...
  3. que quieres decir cn eso si es pvp - player versus player:pensando:

    o no ??
  4. Los server pvp te haces full en unas horas lo que duras en el ofi meses y los rates de los pvp son altos

    Es esclusivo para player vs player, en este caso Elyos vs las cacas de los asmos
  5. Si lo que yo pensava por eso dije Asco, no tiene sentido jugar aion y hacerse full en unas horas xke eso no es mu, es muucho mejor , yo pienso que juego tipo aion , wow lienage se tienen que disfrutar leveando y pasando el rato
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