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  1. Table of Contents:
    -1.0- Server Installation
    -2.0- Client Setup (*.bat as of yet)
    -3.0- Webserver
    -4.0- Creating an Account
    -5.0- Running the Server
    -6.0- Port Forwarding
    -7.0- Some SQL Things
    -8.0- GM Commands
    -9.0- Troubleshooting
    -10.0- Updates
    -10.1- Notes
    -11.0- Credits

    --1.0-- Server Installation

    Step 1:
    Downloading the FlyFF Client!

    • English V11 Client(s)

    • English V6 Client(s)

    • English V9 Client(s)

    • Chinese Client(s)

    • Japanese Client(s)

    • German Client(s)

    • Spanish Client(s)
    http://www.zoomby.net/# - Choose the FlyFF one.

    System Requirements:
    - Direct X 9.0 or better required

    Minimum Requirements:
    CPU - Pentium-III 600MHz
    RAM - 256MB
    VGA RAM - 64 MB
    Direct-X - 9.0c

    Recommended Requirements:
    CPU -Pentium-IV 1.0GHz or better
    RAM -512MB
    VGA RAM - 256 MB
    Direct-X - 9.0c

    Step 2: Installing MySQL!

    Download and Install this. On Install, Keep clicking 'Next' until it asks you to configure the server password. Make the password anything you want or un-check the 'Modify Security Settings' box.

    Step 3: Installing NaviCat Lite!

    It's freeware, don't worry.

    Step 4: Getting the Server Files!

    [Share] Server Files [15 Links]
    Chose one

    Makes No-Logs

    Step 5: Getting your database!

    Recommended, will be updated to Rev6 once it's out

    --2.0--Client Setup

    For the WAN IPs in this section, I recommend you use http://www.ipchicken.com/ for it.

    Step 1:
    Login Server

    Open your Rev_1 folder and find the file labeled login_server.ini and it should look something like this, without the edits of course:

    ip=[B][COLOR=Blue]Your WAN IP or Hamachi IP[/COLOR][/B]
    database=[B][COLOR=Blue]Database name, flyff used in this guide[/COLOR][/B]
    password=[B][COLOR=Blue]MySQL Password[/COLOR][/B] 
    Edit the blue items to fit your needs.

    Step 2: Char Server

    Same deal as above, open char_server.ini and edit the blue items to fit your needs.

    ip=[B][COLOR=Blue]WAN IP or Hamachi IP[/COLOR][/B]
    name=[B][COLOR=Blue]Server Name[/COLOR][/B]
    database=[COLOR=Blue][B]Database name, flyff used in this guide[/B][/COLOR]
    password=[COLOR=Blue][B]MySQL Password[/B][/COLOR] 
    Step 3: World Server

    Same thing as before, open world_server.ini and edit the blue items to fit your needs.

    ip=[COLOR=Blue][B]WAN IP or Hamachi IP[/B][/COLOR]
    name=[COLOR=Blue][B]Channel Name[/B][/COLOR]
    motd=[COLOR=Blue][B]Message of the day, beginning message like, 'Welcome to *name* FlyFF!'[/B][/COLOR]
    database=[COLOR=Blue][B]Database name, flyff used in this guide[/B][/COLOR]
    password=[COLOR=Blue][B]MySQL Password[/B][/COLOR] 
    Step 4: Setting up NaviCat Lite

    So open NaviCat Lite and click the 'New Connection' button in the top-left hand corner. For the sake of simplicity, all details about the connection will be the default settings. Anyway, when you open the New Connection, it should ask you for:

    Name = [COLOR=Blue][B]localhost[/B][/COLOR]
           host = localhost
           port = 3306
           username = root
           pass =[COLOR=Red][COLOR=Blue][B]MySQL Password[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR] 
    Edit the blue items to your needs and press the 'Test Connection' button. If it says the connection was successful, then continue. If it says it couldn't connect then somethings wrong.

    Step 5: Creating a new database

    Open your newly created connection by double-clicking it. Then right click on it and select the option 'New Database'. It will pull up a prompt asking you for a name for this new database. For the sake of simplicity, we'll be using the name flyff. Once named press the 'Ok' button.

    Step 6: Executing your database

    So you got your connection set up. Right-click on it and select the option 'Execute Batch File'. It will pull up a prompt, select the 'Browse' button and navigate to where you saved Lightning55's Rev5 database and open it. Then click the 'Start' button and it should execute about 5666 queries.


    Step 1:
    Installing Wamp Server

    Install as directed

    Step 2: Website

    Recommended CMS, compatible with Wamp

    Step 3: Configuring Config.php

    Open Config.php and it should look like this:

    // By PeChU!! 
    if(stristr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], "config.php")) die('asdada'); 
    $host = "localhost"; // host mysql
    $user = "root"; // mysql username
    $pass = "[COLOR=Blue][B]root[/B][/COLOR]"; // mysql password
    $db = "[COLOR=Blue][B]flyff[/B][/COLOR]"; // mysql db
    mysql_connect($host,$user,$pass) or die(mysql_error());
    mysql_select_db($db) or die(mysql_error());
    function nw($N, $C){
      $reg = mysql_query("INSERT INTO accounts (username, password, accesslevel) VALUES( '$N', '$C', '100')")or die(mysql_error());
      return $reg;
    function exi($user){
    $check = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username = '$user'");
    $check2 = mysql_num_rows($check);
    return $check2;

    Edit the blue items to your MySQL password and your database name. Your website URL will be your WAN IP once you get your ports forwarded.

    --4.0-- Creating an Account

    Method 1:
    Database editing
    Open your database and double-click on your accounts table. There should be 5 or 6 accounts already in there. You can delete all of them. To make your own account, double-click on the id column and set the value to 1. After that, most everything will be filled out automatically. Enter a username and a MD5 With Salt password.

    Method 2: Through webserver
    Start up Wamp server and then open your internet browser and go to the url localhost. Then click on the register tab and fill out the information and press the button.

    --5.0-- Running the Server

    Opening the *.exe files
    Open your Rev_1 folder, and open all the *.exe files (i.e. 1. Login Server, 2. Char Server, 3. World Server). This is just to check if they all work, you'll probably get an error because the ports haven't been forwarded yet. If you want to extensively test them, change the IPs in the *.ini files to

    --6.0-- Port Forwarding

    Step 1:
    Accessing your router
    Default info here on the router IP. The default URL for a router is usually but I've seen people who don't have this luxury. Anyways it might ask you for a password and username, the defaults are one of the four:

    Username: admin
    Password: password

    Username: root
    Password: root

    Username: root


    If you try all four and none of them work, the default settings have been modified and I can't help you.

    Step 2: Forwarding Ports
    Anyways, once you're in your router, go find the port forwarding page, sometimes it's in the Firewall page, sometimes in the Advanced Configuration, and sometimes it's not in those and you actually have to look for it.

    Anyway, the ports you want to forward are as follows:

    Login Server: 23000
    Char Server: 28000
    World Server: 15400
    FlyFF: 29300
    HTTP: 80

    The FlyFF related ports are TCP protocal, and HTTP is TCP/UCP protocal.

    Congratulations, with your ports forwarded, you can host a public server.

    --7.0-- Some SQL Things

    Job IDs

    * 0 - Vagrant
    * 1 - Mercenary
    * 2 - Arcobat
    * 3 - Assist
    * 4 - Magician
    * 5 - Puppeter
    * 6 - Knight
    * 7 - Blade
    * 8 - Jester
    * 9 - Ranger
    * 10 - Ringmaster
    * 11 - Billposter
    * 12 - Psykeeper
    * 13 - Elementor
    * 14 - Gatekeeper
    * 15 - Doppler
    * 16 - Master Knight
    * 17 - Master Blade
    * 18 - Master Jester
    * 19 - Master Ranger
    * 20 - Master Ringmaster
    * 21 - Master Billposter
    * 22 - Master Psykeeper
    * 23 - Master Elementor
    * 24 - HERO Knight
    * 25 - HERO Blade
    * 26 - HERO Jester
    * 27 - HERO Ranger
    * 28 - HERO Ringmaster
    * 29 - HERO Billposter
    * 30 - HERO Psykeeper
    * 31 - HERO Elementor
    Gender IDs

    0 - Male
    1 - Female
    2 - Sexless
    Element IDs:

    0 - None
    1 - Fire
    2 - Water
    3 - Electricity
    4 - Wind
    5 - Earth
    --8.0-- GM Commands

    .weather none rain snow
    --9.0-- Troubleshooting

    Q: I get an error saying that skills doesn't have a default value.
    A: Put this in a new *.sql file and execute it the same way you did with the database:

    ALTER TABLE `characters` CHANGE `skills` `skills` varchar(255) DEFAULT '1,2,3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0';
    ALTER TABLE `characters` CHANGE `skill_levels` `skill_levels` varchar(200) DEFAULT '0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0';
    Q: My starting Penya is 1,000,000,000. How do I fix that?
    A: Put this code in a new *.sql file and execute it.

    ALTER TABLE `accounts` CHANGE `penya` `penya` int(10) NOT NULL default '1000000';
    Any other questions you might have will probably have a fix if you read here: Read before posting or Everything Needed to Setup

    --10.0-- Updates

    9/22/08 6:30 PM GMT -7 :: Finished guide.

    --10.1-- Notes

    .abd = Increase/Decrease special stat point (1=str,2=dex,3=int,4=sta)
    Example: .abd 4 50 <-- Increases STA by 50
    Example2: .abd 1 -100 <--- Decreases STR by 100 (Will not go below 1 str)
    Note: This edits in database so if you re-login, stats will stay.
    Remove it? Just do ".statreset" wich resets you're stats to whats suitable for you're level and job.
    .mon = Spawn a monster.
    First parameter is the ID, second is the amount, the third is the range of spawn area around you, the fourth is wether to spawn it as normal or aggro (0=normal or 1=aggro), and the fifth one is the size of it, 1.0 is default.
    Example(spawn 2 aibatt's as aggro): .mon 20 2 1 1
    Example2(spawn 5 meteo as normal but half size): .mon 753 5 1 0 0.5
    Example3(spawn 10 queen popcranks in 25 meter/yard range (as aggro)): .mon 839 10 25 1
    Note: If you put range too much, you can have fun walking around whole world finding them lol...
    Warning: Using command ".addmon" adds the monster spawn to the database! DO NOT USE THIS JUST TO SPAWN AND KILL FOR FUN (Should be used to add a monster to an location) (It will respawn and respawn also when you restart worldserver)
    .kill = Kill another player
    Example: .kill Nicco (Kills a player named "Nicco", if he doesn't exist, nothing will happen)
    Note: You cannot kill you'reself, even tho that would have been fun lol
    Probably known already but...
    .chgname = Change you're in-game name to something else...
    Example: .chgname Testing <--- Will change you're name to "Testing", but for this to apply you need to relog.
    Also probably known...
    .annall = Notice the whole cluster a message in the type of (Name: Message) popping up as blue text on screen.
    Example: .annall Hello! <-- Will popup a notice to the cluster saying "YoureNick: Hello!"
    .atkmod = Increases attack damage on you till you relog.
    Example: .atkmod 5000 <--- Increases you're damage by 5000
    Note: Just like normally, if the mob is alot higher than you're level, damage will cut off.
    Warning: Do not put waaaay to much since that will make you hit 0's. I think you can do around 999999999 without problems, wich is 999mil damage, and no mobs will stand this lol.
    Known but people ask for the additional parameters...
    .item = Add an item to you're inventory.
    First parameter is the item_id, the second is the amount, the third is the sunstone refine, the fifth is the element (0=nothing,1=fire... (dont remember exactly, try you'reself...)), the sixth one is the element upgrade (DO NOT PUT ABOVE +10! (will crash nearby clients and you)), the seventh, and final, is the slots you want in the item, for suits it's the card bonus slots for damage/hp/mp/fp increase... maximum slots in suit is 4, for weapons, this is the ultimate weapon slot bonus wich can be up to 5, and you can put jewels on these slots wich will randomly added increase sta/str/int/dex/hp/pvp damage and more............ Read here http://flyff.gpotato.com/?m=gameguide&a=jewel how to put jewel in the item.
    Note: Sometime the item does not go into inventory! Unknown bug, it seem to create several items of the even if you try to create same parameters again (database stats count: 2 and upwards depending on how many times you tried).
    Note2: If you're item sometime doesn't go to inventory (not jewel slot bug), then relog shall solve it.
    .clearmons = Clears monsters from the whole world!
    Warning: This command is bad to use! You have to restart worldserver to make mobs come back as usual (The mobs will not respawn if you do this command!)
    .transform = Transform into an monster/npc skin.
    Example: .transform 20 <---- Transforms you into an aibatt.
    Example2: .transform 753 <---- Transforms you into red meteonyker.
    Note: Sometime skin's will be bugged, showing human skin color (very weird).
    Note: To become normal, write: ".transform 0"

    Press Crtl + Alt + Del to open the Task Manager, then right-click on 3. World Server and it will be set to a higher priority and reduce lag in your server.

    --11.0-- Credits

    Zerbero for client links
    lexil123 for some info I missed
    Akai for inspiration in making this guide
    Gpotato for releasing this game in US
    RageZone for having an awesome community
    Caali for his server files
    lightning55 for his great database
    lettus for the server files he plucked for us
    funkynicco for GM Commands breakdowns.
    falcondef for a good CMS.


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