[Aporte] SCFMT 10.03.15 GS & GS_CS Full ***** by plasma32 & tomatoes

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  1. Hola a Todos, Les dejo SCFMT Gameserver 10.03.15+SCFExDB

    By the way: (mods don't delete this) to scfmt owners
    Deathway is so angry with this, about using his decompilation for sellling purposes, he said that you only put 'GetPrivateProfile shit's ' to his decompilation and now you are selling them. Well he didn't say what he is going to do, but for sure you gain a new mastermind enemy LOL.


    Comandos de crash colocados por SCFMT :

    Error de GameGuard al ejecutar los GS
    Descargas de los archivos

    Server Files SCFMT v10.03.15 Full [SIN *****S]

    GameServer Normal *****eado por plasma32
    GameServer_CS *****eado por tomatoes
    SCFExDB *****eada por plasma32
    Descarga de Clientes + Main en la Seccion
    *NOTA by croix: Recomiendo un Cliente 1.06B+ para estos archivos.
    VER: 10.03.15
    . [Skill] Added Elf Aura Buffs Time Control
    . [WinLicense] Fixes on CPU Usage [AGAIN]
    . Other fixes and security updates.
    VER: 10.03.13
    . [Exp] Party Exp FIX
    . [Skill] UnSleep Monsters FIX
    . [Skill] Explotion Skill make more dmg
    . [CastleSiege] Dont apply Summoner Buffs to Tower, Doors, Statues 
    . [Exp] Added 3 Different System on SCF_ExtraExp.ini
    . [PK] Added PK Item Drop Options
    VER: 10.03.10
    . Fixed Crywolf issue.
    . Fixed new LAG issue.
    . Added more PK settings on commonserver's.
    VER: 10.03.08
    . [Jewels] Custom Jewels Added! (Not enabled for the moment, just added).
    . [CryWolf] When enter in the middle of the event, do not see proper interface
    . [CBMix] Fix chaos rate item for ancient items bug (depends on location of rate item)
    . [CastleSiege] Added accumulation Crown Time system (remembers time if user is not killed)
    . [CastleSiege] Updated Crown time from 30 seconds to 1 minute (CASTLESIEGE_CROWN_REGISTER_TIME)
    . [CastleSiege] Yellow bar is restarting every second when u get the crown (only visual bug)
    . [Marry] Trace Command: Cant trace character into imperial guardian or double goer event FIX
    . [Skill] DL Summon can recall party into imperial guardian or double goer event FIX
    . [Skill] Red Storm Buff in Blood Castle to other players FIXED
    . [Pet]  Dark Spirit cant hit Summoner FIXED
    . [Item] Fixed New Shields EXC options [mana,hp,reflect,deffence]
    . [Item] Fixed Wings Ignore Opponents Deffence 5% option
    . [Skill] DK Life goes to negative when use DK Add Life Skill with SG Fix dissabled
    . [Item] Added Soket Recovery option to the Warehouse read portion
    . [NPC] Fixed NPC talk events when talk to NPC (holidays congratulations) [NPC 239 to 255]
    . [Event] XMas event, added Santas congratulations (Merry Xmas, Happy New Year)
    VER: 10.02.98
    . [Skill] HP Goes negative when Use DK Add Life Skill in party
    . [Marry] Trace Command: Cant trace character into Sky Event
    . [Event] XMas event, added extra experience [SCFXMasExtraExperience]
    . [Event] XMas event, added extra drop percentage [SCFXMasExtraDropPercent]
    . [Event] XMas event, added invitations multi-use [SCFXMasMaxTripsPerTicket]
    . [Event] XMas event, added fireworks drop with rate [item 14,99][SCFXMasFireworksDropRate]
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd wings Successful Blocking 5% option
    . [Item] Drop item with soket fix (when kill monster or drop box)
    . [Item] Fixed excellent options counter (now returns proper value)
    VER: 10.02.94
    . [Item] Max Excellent Option Drop in SCF_Items.ini
    . [Event] XMas event, drop rate of tikets fix (was backwards)
    . [Event] XMas event monster spawn config (removed NPC from it)
    . [Event] XMas event, Santa presents now operated through QUEST value 49 (1 per day)
    . [Event] XMas event, added limitation to use of Santas Vilage (Event off - cant move)
    . [Skill] Sleep: Player/Monster wake up when some one hit him (Like original)
    . [Server] Option added for fix or unfix the gages overflow
    . [Skill] Night Cant Summon Special Monsters FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Registred Guilds List does not show properly
    . [CastleSiege] Guild Marks Registred List does not show correctly
    . [CastleSiege] Participating Guild List does not show correctly
    . [CastleSiege] Registration of crown error fix (says you are in defending team)
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Gate HP upgrade button
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Gate HP bug during buy
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Statue Regeneration upgrade button
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Statue HP upgrade button
    . [CastleSiege] Senior NPC: fix for Statue HP bug during buy
    . [Server] Added Security Number Control for dissband Guild and Delete Characters (SCF_Common.ini)
    VER: 10.02.83
    . [Logs] Enabled/Dissabled
    . [Item] Visual Bug on DK with 3rd wings + fenrir FIX
    . [Item] Chaos Rate item for machine Fix (keeps ancients and skills on items)
    . [Item] Fixed JOL success option on the SRC (reversed success VS failure)
    . [Character] Maximum SD,HP,BP,Mana INFO Message (so ppl stop complaining, ITS NOT A BUG)
    . [Item] 3rd Wings Success Blocking fix (block damage instead of increasing it)
    . [Skill] Grerat fortitude skill fixed (Broken HP calculation in solo and party)
    . [CastleDeep] After Castle Siege, Castle Deep Event no longer starts fix
    . [CastleSiege] Crown registration timer has been added
    . [CastleSiege] Crown registration timer paket structure fix (from size 9 to 12)
    . [CastleSiege] Crown dissapears after Sky Event, Raklion Event or Moss Event
    VER: 10.02.76
    . [CastleSiege] Crown dissapears after Blue Event, XMas Event or Boss Attack
    . [CastleSiege] Fixed Crown Index error (SetCrownUserIndex function)
    . [CastleSiege] Alliance guilds can participate in the event now as well
    . [BOK] Sometimes you cant pickup the box when Golden Mob Die
    . [DropSystem] Adjusted the way system chooses items, added trace logs for tweaking
    . [EventItemBag] Need to add soket item drop option for soket items
    . [Character] Fixed SD, Mana, Life, BP overflow
    . [Character] SD recovery is too big especially for DL characters
    VER: 10.02.65
    . [Server] Monster Limit increase
    . [Skill] Summoner Berserker Skill Added
    . [Event] Sky Event no one cant enter FIX
    . [PCShop] Give much points when kill some mob FIX
    . [Item] Fixed Golden Fernir offence/deffence options
    . [Item] Fixed Summoner Wings Attack % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed Summoner Wings Deffence % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd Wings Deffence % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd Wings Attack % calculation
    . [Item] Fixed 3rd Wings Wizzardy Damage calculation
    . [Skill] SkillMagicCircle calculation fix on item on/off character
    . [Skill] SkillReflect calculation fix on item on/off character
    . [Imperial] Creating tiket from paper pieces, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [DoubleGoer] Creating tiket from pieces, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [Kanturu] Kalima Map creation, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [CastleSiege] Mark of lord stacking, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [LuckyPenny] Lucky Peny stacking, causes durability 0 bug on last piece
    . [CastleSiege] CastleSiege still randomly freezes before start of the EVENT
    . [CastleSiege] CastleSiege still randomly freezes during start of the EVENT or end
    . [Event] Fixed player 'clearance' at the event END
    . [CustomDrop] Adjusted custom drop initial list collector
    . [CBMix] Fixed % of the 3rd Wings combination
    . [Anti-Hack] Implemented anti-speed detection system
    . [Raklion] Can enter Event when the Room is already CLOSED
    VER: 10.02.53
    . [Server] Login Bug FIX
    . [Server] T Bug Fix
    . [Server] Speed Load
    . [Server] x64 support.
    VER: 10.02.51
    . [Imperial] Config Added
    . [Imperial] 100% Finished (Doors Positions FIXED)
    . [Imperial] Chaos Combination Added
    . [Event] Boss Event Boss Monster its Rabbit FIX
    . [Server] Drop Zen Control
    . [CastleSiege] After siege warfare the siege gameserver does not add 7 days to the time in MuCastle_Data table FIX
    . [Event] XMas Event Evil Santa, Snowman, Goblin Give Ticket FIX
    . [Event] XMas Event Santa Give Item
    . [Imperial] 99.9% Finished (Need to correct Door Positions)
    . [Blood Castle] Door Terminated Can Walk FIX
    . [Double Goer] Dies on Event warp to Elbland
    . [Imperial] Cant move over the gate if it isnt terminated (NEW BLOCK)
    . [Imperial] Dies on Event warp to Devias
    . [ChaosBox] Chaos Card Machine Added
    . [PCShop] Reload Shops Double Items FIX
    . [Server] Log Folder auto creation
    . [Duel] Clear Duel interface on Spectator SelectScreen
    . [Server] Golden Dragon Dialog FIX
    . [Server] Changes on GM Commands
    . [Server] SCF_SpawnMonsters FIXED
    . [Double Goer] Config Added
    VER: 10.02.30
    . [Double Goer] Full Working
    . [Server] Guard Msg Changed
    . Some Oreans bugs when protect the application
    VER: 10.02.16
    . [Duel] if you change character as espectator character become invisible to play FIX
    . [Server] CheckSum Added
    . [Reset] Fixed some bugs
    . [Reset] Added some new options
    . [Items] Move item limit FIX
    . [Server] SCFExItemDropRate = 0 means no excellent item drop
    . [Double Goer] 99% FINISHED (Need to add bar and triangles)
    . [DoubleGoer] Fixed NPC Warp
    . [DoubleGoer] Added 10 seconds delay before event start
    . [Event] XMas Event Added
    . [Event] Mob Number 414 - Fortune Pouch does not have a eventitembag attached to it
    . [Imperial] Before Event starts, must wait 10 to 15 seconds
    . [Imperial] Had issue with not being able to find one mob
    . [Imperial] Traps show as bulls and stay all on the same spot
    . [Imperial] Traps do not attack
    . [Imperial] Should not be able to attack gates before all mobs are killed (same as BC)
    . [Imperial] Castle Doors should not be counted as mobs
    . [Imperial] When all monsters killed, timer writing should turn green
    . [SoketSystem] Fixed inventory sokets dissapearance
    . [Imperial] Fixed crash on winMsg (Array overflow)
    . [Server] Fixed double messages for Raklion Event
    . [DoubleGoer] Fixed NPC timer show if event is taken by someone
    . [DoubleGoer] NPC now takes tikets and lets players in (party or single)
    . [Imperial] NPC now takes tikets and lets players in (two tiket types, sunday on sunday + regular)
    . [SkillTree] Breaks skills on characters, leving them with no skills and empty icons
    . [SoketSystem] Soket Recovery option does not count EXC number of options on items
    VER: 10.01.65
    . [Server] SkillList bad send FIX
    . [Server] Login issue FIX
    . [Double Goer] 98% FINISHED (Need to add bar and triangles)
    . [Imperial Guardian] 96% FINISHED
    . [Blood Castle] Door Terminated ATT FIX (NEED TO TEST)
    . [CBMix] Create Invisible Cloack + 8 FIX
    . [Server] Fix Auto Warp when you are in Elbeland when BC finish
    . [Items] Move item limit FIX
    . [Items] Recovery Slot for Socket items added
    . [Server] Changed Kanturu, CryWolf and other logs for better system View
    . [Event] Added Christmas fire*****er item (14,99) (This item is NOT a box)
    . [CastleSiege] REMOVE ALL 'CriticalSection' entries during READ [m_critCsBasicGuildInfo]
    VER: 10.01.60
    . [CastleSiege] REMOVE ALL 'CriticalSection' entries during READ [m_critCsBasicGuildInfo]
    . [CastleSiege] Doesnt show fire Arrows and rocks interface, when player logon after siege start FIX
    . [CastleSiege] users do not see LOGO of SIEGE above their head, when logon after siege start! FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Cannon Tower - DOES NOT ATTACK FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Cannon Tower - DOES NOT ATTACK VISUAL BUG FIX
    . [CastleSiege] users do not see LOGO of SIEGE above their head! FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Guardian Statue - dropping low level items.... MUST BE NO DROP
    . [CastleSiege] Cannon Tower - when killed, droppping items.... MUST BE NO DROP
    . [CastleSiege] Castle Siege users do not see LOGO of SIEGE above their head!
    . [CastleSiege] Can not attack CS members unless using skill... (logo error)
    . [CastleSiege] Player becomes PK, after killin a user in CastleSiege
    . [CastleSiege] When attacking other player, getting deffence message
    . [CastleSiege] Get Crown Fixed
    . [CastleSiege] Registration like original
    . [CastleSiege] Character gets proper timer condition after warp or death
    . [CastleSiege] Character gets proper CS interface after CS starts
    . [Marry] Marry Command does not work (can't marry in that location error)
    . [Marry] 'you can not marry in that position' fixed (previous error with !=)
    . [Event] Summoner Summons can make buff dmg on Blood Castle FIX
    . [Duel] Spectators can trade with duelers and other spectators FIX
    . [PK] Hero System only for NO PK FIX
    . [GSCS] GS Freeze in Five stage!!! FIX
    . [Skill] DarkLord Summon Party FIX
    . [Item] Summoner first wings Option FIX
    . [Skill] Power Slash SkillTree damage is too low FIX
    . [Commands] Some GM Commands Authority code FIX
    . [GMSystem] Fix for /banaccount and /banchar commands
    . [Event] Happy Hour log message and announcement values fix
    . [GameServerCS] Doesnt drop items (only fenrir stuff) FIX
    . [CastleHuntZone] Fix Doesnt allow to pick up the ancient item FIX
    . [CastleSiege] PK When kill to the other guild FIX
    . [CastleSiege] Owners cant enter to castle room FIX
    . [Skills] New orbs cant consume
    . [Abuse] Alt-F4 rollback issue when Die
    . [Exp] Visual Bug on Login FIX
    . [Exp] Visual Bug on Die FIX

    GS_CS by tomatoes

    copy and paste de http://foro.ignetwork.net/showthread.php?t=46875
  2. What Good Men contribution I will provide! And people Gamerzlove not speak English! xd
  3. WaooO!

    Plasma32´s & Tomatoes´ Files!


    I´m Going to Test this Files

    I guest it´ll be easy =D

    but if I find any problem or bug i´ll tell you =D

    P.D. : [D3rEk12 ~ i can speak English =D]

    P.D.2 : [Man the LINKs are from another Forum, you should put another LINKs!]
  4. I also speak a very good English it seems that people here are multilingual, and a litle of french :D

    I don't know how to test the files.. in fact good Woork (Y)
  5. buenas a todos mi pregunta es si tendria un gameserver ya editado
    por porbe estos files y cuando entras a jugar el game server se cierra
    mis preguntas son:
    1º que editor puedo usar para cambiar esos comandos y por cual los debo cambiar.
    2º tendras un gs ya cambiado y que no crashkee si es asi me pueden pasar el link de descarga.
    estos files estan buenos el error que encontre fue del games server que se cierra adjuntare una imagen Viendo el archivo adjunto 12296 espero me ayuden y me respondan gracias por sus aportes y saludos a todos
  6. el gs se crashea en todos los windows menos windows 7
  7. i dont speak english please traslate to spanish ... help me :D:D
  8. como dije en otro tema del mismo repack