AriethMu Season 4 + Skill Tree

Tema en 'Servidores de Mu Online' iniciado por recc11, 22 Oct 2008.

  1. ***Arieth Mu Season IV ***

    Server Information:


    Other Features:

    We already brought unique things such as: ingame time, /skin, /pkclear, radar,
    custom made launcher, custom events, custom jewels, exciting user commands etc.


    We still have a lot of surprises on the way for you:

    • Arieth Custom Sets. Weapons and Wings for each class!
    • Great Player vs Monster events!
    • Arieth New Character!
    • Arieth Custom NPCs with all in one function!
    • And a lot more! Check our forums!

    Dedicated Host Information:

    • Server available 24/7 with 99% uptime.
    • Server connection: 1 Gbit uplink speed
    • Dedicated Server Machine: Intel Xeon Woodcrest 5160 (4x3.0Ghz). 6 GB DDR2. 500 GB SCSI

    3 Steps: Register-Download-Play:

    We offer 3 Different Versions of the Clients: Full.(400MB) Lite.(300MB) NoSound.(190MB)

    Arieth Websites:


    Full Working Skill Tree ...
    Castle Siege Event once / week ...
    And many more! The only server with those features!


    What are you waiting? Join us!

    The Administration: .Aszmhodeus .Javeira .Sobieh

  2. muy buen server men Grax estta muy bueno pero no copies y peges pon tu opinio sobre el server ok bueno chau