Buying EMS Account o Pro items.

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  1. Hi all recently i sold my account in Global Maplestory, to come EMS because I speak Spanish and here there are many who speak this language has had a lvl189 dB with 98% luk and sold it for $ 350 Soo im Buying a Pro Account in EMS (Job I do not care, I care items and mesos and nx it may have to start)
    Im paying Via Paypal:$ o €

    Soo im Buying a Pro Account

    Example: Like with 300 Apples o More o so, White Scrolls,Miracle Scrolls,+9 Scrolled Items,27Dex VSS,Robe 50dex o luk +,BWG 27att+ o so,Pink Cape 20att+ o items 15% luk item, With Nx,Chaos Scrolls and Others Pro Items

    i Accept items Duped o like if u have 10 BWG 27atts i can may accept it too,o 32k Weapon Attack (Any Weapon)

    If u Have a NL,DB Pro Funded i buy it too [email protected] adds me!
  2. Este foro es español :yuno: