Descubre Quienes Murieron,muertes fuera de lo comun,d.Nat en el dia de tu nacimiento

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  1. ta bueno...

    medio raro saber cosas malas q pasaron el dia de tu nacimiento..pero igual datos interesantes!! asi sabes de una si eres ave de mal aguero xD:adios:
  2. Gracias men buen aporte pero ta en ingles xD!.
  3. el mio dice.. Aproximadamente 148.436 personas murieron en todo el mundo el ??????????

    tanto..?? y en un solo dia..!!!!
  4. jaja xD

    naci cuando murio el hijo de bruce lee xD q mal....
  5. wow!!!

    Approximately 148,905 people died worldwide on February 18, 1993.

    tanta gente murio en mi fecha de nacimiento!!

    eh por cierto!!:no lo traduci a español xq me dio pereza xD!!!!
  6. nucta medio monse, pero vale la pena tu aporte man.
  7. -.-"

    En mi nacimiento murio Brandom Lee , hijo de Bruce Lee , asecinado por prop con un arma Magnum calibre 44 :O o algo asi xD!

    Bye Salu2:adios:
  8. me dice que murieron 1996 personas tantas en un dia imponsible
  9. mm

    al parecer 148,075 personas murieron en mi dia.............................................................................WOW GENIAL
  10. ah pues a mi me salió ésto o_O

    Approximately 146,260 people died worldwide on [mi cumple :borracho:]

    mmm aunq no especificó ningún nombre D: ... u_u
  11. Jojojo En Mi Dia ( 26/06/93)
    People who died on June 26, 1993 (the exact day you were born)

    • William H. Riker, American political scientist
    • Roy Campanella, Major League baseball player
    Unusual Deaths in 1993

    • Brandon lee, son of bruce lee, was shot and killed by a prop .44 magnum gun while filming the movie the crow. a cartridge with only a primer and a bullet was fired in the pistol prior to the scene brandon was in; this caused a squib load, in which the primer provided enough force to push the bullet out of the cartridge and into the barrel of the revolver, where it became stuck. the malfunction went unnoticed by the crew, and the same gun was used again later to shoot the death scene, having been re-loaded with blanks. however, the squib load was still lodged in the barrel, and was propelled by the blank cartridge's explosion out of the barrel and into lee's body. although the bullet was traveling much slower than a normally fired bullet would be, the bullet's large size and the nearly point-blank firing distance made it powerful enough to severely wound lee. it was not instantly recognized by the crew or other actors; they believed he was still acting. interestingly, the incident was almost an exact replica of a scene in his father bruce lee's last film "game of death", during the filming of which bruce lee also died. even more bizarrely yet; the plot of game of death revolved around bruce lee's character, a kung-fu actor, faking his own death - by pretending to have been hit by an accidentally fired real bullet while filming a scene where hundreds of blanks were fired at him.
    • PD: No Los Conozco:si: A BRandon Nu Mas....
  12. en mi nacimiento murieron 151.182 mil personas
    waw es mucho ... :)
  13. en mi nacimiento murieron 151.182 mil personas ...
    waw es mucho mas d lo q me esperaba ... xD