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  1. Bueno a veces el ingles es abreviado asi que aqui les dejo la lista de las palabras más usadas y lo que se ignifican.

    acc: Account / Accessory
    afk: Away from keyboard
    apr: Auto potion recovery
    asap: As soon as possible
    atk: Attack
    atm: At the moment
    bb: Bye bye
    br: Blocking ratio
    brb: Be right back
    btw: By the way
    c: see
    char: Character
    crit: Critical
    crt: Critical
    D1 - D8: 1-8 degree
    dc: Disconnect
    def: Defense
    dmg: Damage
    dunno: Don't know
    dw: Donwhang
    elix: Elixir
    elx: Elixir
    exp: Experience
    fb: Full blue
    fem: Female
    garm: Garment
    gdf: Gold Dragon Flag
    gm: Game master
    gn: Good night
    gp: Guild points
    hp: Health points / Health potions
    hr: Hit ratio
    ht: Hotan
    idk: I don't know
    im: Item Mall
    int: Intelligence
    inv: Inventory
    irl: In real life
    isu: Isyutaru
    isy: Isyutaru
    jg: Jangan
    k: 1.000 / OK
    kk: 1.000.000 / OK
    ks: Kills / Kill stealing
    kser: Kill stealer
    lol: Laughing out loud
    lv: Level
    lvl: Level
    ly: Lord Yarkan
    m: 1.000.000
    mag: Magical
    mil: 1.000.000
    mmorpg: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
    mob: Monster
    mp: Mana points / Mana potions
    msg: Message
    np: No problem
    npc: Non-player character
    nvm: Never mind
    omg: Oh my god
    otw: On the way
    phy: Physical
    pls: Please
    plz: Please
    pm: Private message
    ppl: People
    pr: Parry ratio
    prot: Protector
    pt: Party
    pve: Player vs enemy
    pvp: Player vs player
    pw: Password
    r: are
    res: Resurrection
    rofl: Rolling on the floor laughing
    rpg: Role-Playing Game
    som: Seal Of Moon
    somoon: Seal Of Moon
    sos: Seal Of Star
    sostar: Seal Of Star
    sosun: Seal Of Sun
    sox: Seal of Star/Moon/Sun
    sp: Skill points
    sro: Silkroad Online
    str: Strength
    sup: What's up
    tabs: Tablets
    tg: Tiger Girl
    tnx: Thanks
    tp: Teleporter
    ty: Thank you
    tyvm: Thank you very much
    u: you
    uru: Uruchi
    w/e: Whatever
    wb: Welcome back
    wep: Weapon
    wtb: Want to buy
    wts: Want to sell
    wtt: Want to trade
    exp: Experience points
    why: y