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    The pack contains:
    FL Studio 9 (Full)
    Dj gian Libraries
    dj fox library
    libreria exclusive nightclub djs
    dembows library of the 28 most used.
    mega library selection (hip hop)
    and some virtual instruments (VST plugins)
    and all others that you see below



    Description of Fl Studio 9
    This new version contains over 370 additions, changes and bug fixes, including improved and optimized features an improved mixer with advanced support for Sidechaining, new plugins, support for multi-core CPU, support for multiple controllers, new playlists, new views of tracks, among other new

    Major developments in FL Studio 9

    * Playlist enhanced with new features such as play button, mute, clustering etc.
    * Tennis insertion into the mixer increased to 99 (previously 64) and sidechain function for multi-input plugins
    * New tool "Riff Machine" built into the Piano Roll
    * New Play button in the step sequencer
    * Support for multiple controllers with single channel playback simultaneously with multiple controllers
    * Improvements to connection and integration of hardware functions of control
    * Advanced multi-core processing with several advanced configuration options
    * Includes Live SimSynth synths now, DrumSynth Live, DX-10, WASP and WASP XT
    Demo * Ogun and Autogun (free) including
    * Beat Demo including multi Gross
    * New stereo effect processing M / S
    * Incl new advanced vocoder called Vocodex
    * Plugins improved as Fruity Limiter with Sidechaining, teachers Wavecandy new meters, processing M / S in Fruity Reeverb 2, and export support for regions and noise reduction in Edison and Slicex
    * Recording audio loops muteada now instead of the associated channel
    * Explorer now improved with access to Windows Explorer and new tools
    * Wrapper completely upgraded with new options and expanded functions
    * New function to indicate the time that the user is working on a project
    * There are more than 370 additions, changes and improvements.


  2. aun no funcione, gracias. la intencion es la que vale.-