Dota Allstar Version 6.60 Beta 54 !

Tema en 'DotA' iniciado por fildro, 15 May 2009.

  1. Bueno hace 2 dias y asalio la version beta 54 cn los ultimos changelos solo faltan 46 version de beta i sale la ofi

    Pd: 6.60 Requiere 1.24a xD! La nueva version | asi q bajense la 1.23a i luego la 1.24a

    Bueno en resumen todo a cambiado nuevos 2 heros nuevos 2 itens aca les dejo el mapa de prueba :


    - New recipe shows (mentioned in IceFrog's blog) introduced
    - Kadhgar's Pipe of Insight from Beta 45/46 renamed to Ghost Scepter. New icon.
    - Kadhgar's Pipe of Insight is the name of a new item in the Supportive Vestments recipe shop. Upgraded version of Hood of Defiance. Has the "Barrier" active ability, blocks limited amount of magic damage (old Storm Spirit's ability).
    - Quelling Blade damage bonus nerfed to +36%/12% from +40%/20%. Price nerfed to 250g (from 200g in Beta 46).
    - The Leveler removed!
    - Force Staff has a new icon.
    - Ring of Protection has a new icon.
    - Added Goblin Merchant Shop , Goblin Laboratory Shop, Replacing Goblin shop
    - Batrider's Flambreak skill changed from AoE-targeting to Arrow-type-targeting. No longer has knockback!
    - Batrider's first two skills' animations are much less flashy.
    - Tauren Chieftain no longer "merges" with his Ancestral Spirit once it's near him. Now you can easily keep the Spirit active for its entire duration.
    - Lina's passive Boost renamed to Fiery Soul.
    - New passive, Warcry. Active AoE buff, all units around the Rogue Knight gain bonus armor and move speed. +8 armor and +10% MS at Level 4. Uses old God's Strength animation.
    - New animation for God's Strength.
    - Storm Bolt stuns and damages in an AoE (same as in older betas)
    Terrain change command
    -terrain default
    -terrain snow
    -terrain city1
    -terrain city2
    -terrain jungle
    -terrain highlands
    -terrain reddungeon
    -terrain bluedungeon

    It seems Dota 6.60 is nearly complete. I hope Warcraft 1.24 Patch can come out soon so IceFrog won't hesitate to release the map. You can refer to Dota 6.60 Beta 21 and Dota 6.60 Beta 46 post if you haven't see the previous changes (pictures and changelogs). If you found changes that not yet posted here (on Dota 6.60 Beta 54), feel free to drop a comment :)
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