DriverPack Solution 10.6 (x32/x64)

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  1. DriverPack Solution 10.6 (x32/x64)
    DriverPack Solution 10.6 (x32/x64) | 2.57 GB

    DriverPack Solution - is a popular program to automatically install drivers, and search free download drivers, universal manager to install drivers for all versions of Windows. Unlike the built-in features in Windows 7 driver updates this program can be used even without the Internet, and search / install drivers for devices not only popular Vender (as is the case with Windows Update).
    Benefits DriverPack Solution:
    - Quick install drivers for Windows
    - DriverPack Solution - the most popular program to automatically install drivers. In DriverPack Solution for more than 1 million regular users worldwide.
    - All drivers for all computers in one program
    - DriverPack Solution greatly facilitates the process of reinstalling Windows on virtually any computer. You will now be spared the problems of search and install drivers, reducing them to a few clicks!
    - Freeware
    - DriverPack Solution is distributed free under the GNU GPL and open source. This means that the program can refine each, thus making it even better!
    - Automatic installation of drivers - install the driver on almost any computer for only about 5 minutes
    - Saves time - Once you have downloaded the driver once no longer need to spend time searching for drivers.
    - Any driver for any computer - all drivers on one DVD-ROM!
    - Simplify downloading new drivers from the Internet
    - Ability to update the drivers - Update existing driver to more recent versions
    - Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86-x64) - Supports all modern operating systems! As a 32-and 64-bit version!
    - Ease of use - Simple and intuitive interface
    - The program is suitable for all models of computers.
    - Including includes free drivers for laptops: Asus, Acer, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu-Siemens, DELL, eMachines, MSI ...
    - It will help download free drivers for: motherboard, sound card (audio), Video Card, Network Card, Wi-Fi, chipset, controller, Bluetooth (bluetooth), modems, Web-camera, card reader, CPU, input devices, monitor , printer, scanner, USB, Other ...
    - Download drivers for free from the manufacturers: Ati (Radeon), Nvidia (Geforce), Realtek, Intel, Amd, Atheros, Via.
    What's new in the DriverPack Solution 10.6? (11.09.2010):
    * New! Support for 64-bit Windows
    * New! Ability to upgrade already installed drivers
    * New! Determining CPU temperature
    * New! Automatic detection of user language (of 11 languages)
    * New! Improved program interface
    * New! Added tooltips and info-block
    * New! Added hotkeys
    * New! Significantly increase the speed of data processing
    * New! The new system of reporting errors
    - The program offers several new features, bug fixes, refined algorithms ... Also completely updated database drivers. Updated for existing devices, and added many new ones.
    - The volume of the disc decreased without compromising performance. On the contrary. First expelled from the assembly of numerous overlapping drivers, and secondly, obsolete and bad. All this led to a drastic decrease in the volume of base (even taking into account the fact that more needs to be added).
    - Updated database of drivers, who now know more and weigh less!
    - Create a restore point before each operation with the drivers!
    - Automatic continuation of the installation does not even signed drivers Microsoft!
    - The program interface is simplified even more ... Now only need two buttons: "Install all" / "Refresh All"!
    - The progress bar will make your life more peaceful! Now you are always awake to know how much is left before the end of the installation.
    - Added 2500 driver for printers from Hewlett Packard!
    - Now the entire program fit on the screen, even if your permission only 640x480!
    - Crooked Driver ?AMD PCI Express? will no longer interfere with your work!
    - Support of the morphology of languages! "Set 1 driver" - in the past.
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