ExpardaMS v83 125x / 80x / 10x. GMS-Like. 24/7 Dedicated! Stable & Lag-Free.

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    New NX System - Donate Mesos.
    More PQ's.
    100% Stable & Lag-Free.

    ExpardaMS v.83

    Exp - 125x

    Meso - 80x

    Drop - 10x



    24/7 Dedicated Stable & Lag-Free.
    All Job Works, Includin Aran.
    Full Cash Shop.
    Hired Merchant's Works Perfectly.
    Max Skiller.
    Custom All-In-One.
    Pet Works & All the equips.
    All Smega Works.
    Suitable Starter Pack.
    Alishar PQ & AlbertPQ - Soon CWKPQ.
    Beautiful Ring Effect works.
    Marriage Work.
    Name & Pet tag works.
    Donate System.
    Maple Coin System.
    Specialist Gachapon.
    Vote 4 NX Cash.
    Non - Hamachi.
    Working Bosses.

    Customized Bosses Helms.

    Friendly & Helful GM's.
    Global MapleStory Like's Balanced System.
    24 Hours Server Dedicated + Daily Update + Update Logs.

    Specialist Gachapon.
    -Rare Chairs
    -Scrolls 10%/30%/60%/70%/100%
    -GM Scrolls
    -All kind of Timeless Weapon
    -Balanced Fury
    -Donator Medals
    -Brown work glove and other colour work gloves
    - And much much more !

    All-In-One Shop NPC.

    Change MY LOOK:[Boy]
    Change MY LOOK [Girl]
    Adventures,KOC Job Advancer
    Aran Job Advancer.
    Ap Resetter
    Information Center
    White Scroll Maker
    Crystal Ilibi Maker
    Ore Refiner
    Guild Ranks
    Mesos Banker
    Specialist Gachapon

    Custom Mini Games [ HOT ]

    Vote Point Exchanger
    Event Trophy Exchanger
    Maple Item Exchanger
    Super SnowBoard Exchanger

    Event Rewarder & Reclaimer
    Watermelon System
    Maple Coin System
    Raged Abbandon Map [ Custom ]
    Skill Maxer

    Help on Abdula Research
    Reborn NPC

    Mount Skill (Aran)
    Mount Skill (KOC)
    Mount Skill (Adventures)
    Maker Skill

    Rooney - Job Advancer & Warper.
    Boss Map Warper.
    Town Map Warper.
    Monster Map Warper.


    Players & Donators Command. - Note that you need to donate 80$ For the Donator Commands.

    PHP Code:
    Players :
    [email protected]
    commands/help : Shows the page of commands .
    [email protected]
    dispose : Unstucks you from NPC/Abnormal situation/bugged .
    [email protected]
    callgm : PM a GM to helps you ( Press this only if you really need ) eg. @callgm < your text here >
    [email protected]
    str, int, luk, dex [number] : Adds ap into chosen stat
    [email protected]emo : Kill yourself .
    [email protected]
    save : Saves your game progress.
    [email protected]
    fm : Warps you to FM.
    [email protected]
    cleardrops : Clear the monster drops.
    [email protected]
    fmnpc : Talk to Inkwell anytime.
    [email protected]
    event : Join GM event!

    Donators :
    clock - Set 10 minute in a map.
    say - Broadcast your message around the server !
    heal - Heal yourself to the max HP.
    warp - Warp to a person.
    online - Shows the people of the servers online .
    goto <mapname> - Go to your desire map !
    map <mapID> - Go to your desire map !
    buffme - Gives you a line of buff instantly .

    Bosses Working.


    Hired Merchant's Work 100%



    Maple Weapon.
    Chairs - Note the really rare one Is giving through Events.
    Taming Mob.
    100% Scroll Seller.


    Free Market NPC(FMNPC)
    Bought Through FMNPC! :

    Power Elixir
    The Magic Rock
    The Summoning Rock
    The Red Relaxer
    Palm Tree Beach Chair
    Skull Throne
    Spirit Of Fantasy Theme Park
    Piece Of Cracked Dimension
    Eye Of Fire
    White Essence
    All Cure Potion
    Diamond Arrow For Bow
    Red Arrow For Bow
    Loveholic Messenger
    Diablo Messenger
    Cloud 9 Messenger
    Split Bullet
    Mighty Bullet
    Vital Bullet
    Shiny Bullet
    Super Megaphone
    Onyx Apple
    NX AP Reset 1 Point.


    GM's Know what they're doing & Catching Hackers.


    Download Links!

    If you want to download them on our mainwebsite:
    -ExpardaMS- - Powered by CO.CC


    ExpardaMS Client : ExpardaMS new client.exe MapleStory v83 Setup : http://download3.nexon.net/maplestor...MSSetupv83.exe Big Bang View : UI.wz Lightbulb Fix : http://www.sendspace.com/file/c15gt2



    PD: Parece Un Server Bueno... Hace Mucho Que No Juego Maple... Jugare Este.. Aver Quien Se Me Une... :yao:

    Edit: ING--> Furukonu
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