GameThuVN Season10 Part3

Tema en 'Servidores de Mu Online' iniciado por apophys1, 31 Dic 2015.

  1. One of the few fully working Season 10 episode 2 servers with New Character (Lancer)
    Zen matters , dynamic reset system , 200+ online

    Rates x1000

    Commands : /addstr /addene /addagi /addvit /addcmd /post
    /freestr, /freeagi /freeene /freevit /freecmd Resets those stats
    /freemaster to reset point master stats
    /xemdo <char name> to view other player item.
    /vitri <char name> to view other player position
    ctrl+F8 hides the game
    Button "H" hides interface (usefull if your computer is old)
    Fully HD graphics with multi types of size up to 1900x1680
    Multi language client (4 languages for now )
    Really WELL optimized game client (doesn't lag your computer ctrl+f8 and play any other game the old bug when clicking CTRL would lag/freeze your screen is fixed) i for example run double clients in backgroudn in hide mode and play WoW/CS Go without any problems / fps issues and my PC isn't even top notch.

    - You can hunt muun pet from lorencia, noria, elbeland, karutan. (Only one with All new Muun and fully working Muun pets )

    FULLY Working RECONNECT SYSTEM (turns MuHelper ON after dc aswell)

    Shops got +9+l+option items to make it easier
    Constants Events Lucky hours / Lucky zen events (increase on drop)

    Fully working Group search / Guild search system.

    In order to gain wcoins use market / reset / online time / bring a friend.
    Xshop DOES NOT have Lucky Item sets / OP items . Only your typical pets/seals/buffs (4th wings +25% dmg increase)

    Reset system :
    1. First reset: 1000 Point .
    From 2 - 50 reset: 300 point.
    More than 50 reset: 200 point.
    If you reset > 500, limited 5 reset per day
    2. First reset to 10 reset need 200 level, 11-20 reset need 300 level, more than 20 reset need 400 level

    3. Reset In Game NPC Lorencia Bar