EUKO Ganadores de los eventos del pvp Beta un Peruano quedo 2do lugar

Tema en 'Knight Online' iniciado por AccGbs, 7 Nov 2011.

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  1. Alright boys and girls, it took a little longer than we'd planned, but here are the dudes and dudettes who're getting some prime swag for being totally (or somewhat) awesome during the betas:

    Top Levelers
    1. FightOrCry - for being the first level 70, gets an iPod Touch.
    2. 0000000 - for being #2, gets 2 months of premium service.
    3. MyTeaAndCrumpets - for being #3, gets one month.
    3.5 - P1MP, for being the real number #3 but de-leveling like a total nooblet, gets a month of premium anyway.

    Bug Reports
    1. longh0rn - for helping us plug several major security holes (in game as well as outside), and making the game that much safer for everyone else - gets an iPod Touch.
    2. Daloze - for this piece of work, gets two months of premium.
    3. MyHeliaxxx - for sending in an impressive list of bugs with screenshots to me, directly, gets a month.
    Matti, who did all this, gets absolutely nothing!

    Best Screenshots
    This was a tough one! We got a lot of really nice screenshots, and in the end, had to go with our gut and ignore all of the great scenery shots featuring wrinkly old green dwarf mages. Here they are, in no particular order (because the prize is one month of free premium service for all of them):
    - Araqe, for providing a pretty neat shot of the war.
    - FckYouButHaveNiceDay, for capturing just how hectic the action sometimes can be. (By the way little buddy, if you want to enjoy that premium for more than a day, I'd suggest not using the same nickname on official launch.)
    - And finally, Metal, for showing us the other, gentler, idyllic side of Knight Online. Just chillin' with your bros.

    Top Videos
    The videos would've been pretty hard to judge, if it weren't for the fact that the rules clearly states that they'd be judged on the basis of views. That actually made any judging impossible. And so:
    1. Matti, for making the most viewed video (it's really a rather nice video, too) gets the iPad!
    2. Skubaniec comes in at #2, and wins an iPod Touch.
    3. Maltuz. - despite using music that makes my ears bleed, and posting the video on 4chon - wins a month of free premium service, if only because he made an amazing and very musical fishing tutorial.
    3.5 Two more videos that didn't quite make the cut in terms of views but that we really quite liked anyway get a month of free premium as well: congratulations to Ubi and to LONGAN121!

    Honourable mention goes to [ Stafik ], for making a fantastic video that cannot be a part of the contest because it was shot on another server. Still, we <3 it.

    Top Referrals
    1. Jatokor, for sending us four times the referrals of the runner-up, more than deserves the iPad!
    2. _BullDestroyer_ came in at #2 and wins an iPod Touch!
    3. RAZR3050, for coming in third, gets a month of free premium service.

    War Prizes
    During several wars, we had prizes for killing Warders and/or Keepers. The following people get a month of free premium service for doing so:

    BabyImselfish, making right by his name, gets two months for killing two Warders.

    PvP Beta Prizes
    The following people proved that they really love CZ:

    1. KRAL, with 126716 ladder points, wins an iPod Touch!
    2. IDeathWhiteeI, with 119749 points, wins a month of free premium.
    3. Finally, IDeathFemalessI, with 107366 ladder points and despite his (or her, I guess) obvious issues with women, also gets a month of free premium!


    We hope all of you have had fun. Winners of iPods and iPads will be contacted in the coming days by email for their addresses etc. People who won free premium will get it on their accounts automatically.

    To everyone, thanks for participating [​IMG]

    Podemos ver desde ya presencia latina en los ganadores ^^
  2. :risa: siempre lo dije ..ese fightorcry es muy vicioso .. jugue 3 servers con él y siempre llego a ser el primero de lvl top
  3. Accgbs contesta mi mensaje privado , por mensaje privado tambien
  4. Muy buen video BullDestroyer a.k.a Skubaniec y felicitaciones por el premio ganado :eek:ki:
  5. Bulldestroyer aka Yo ^^ .Los de los servidores más antiguos nos conocen como Maki o Blanquita , los más nuevos como Camus o Bulldestroyer igual muchas gracias.Estamos acá para dar pelea dentro y fuera de EUKO dejando bien puesta nuestra procedencia latina y representado a Perú , 2do lugar en top referidos ( Marketing en internet) , somos admi de varias paginas dedicadas a KO , 2 de ellas aparecen en nuestra signatura .NewAge Rules :p
  6. Wou Felicitaciones Bulldestroyer, y sigue adelante y siempre llevando el nombre de los latinos en ALTO

  7. revisa tu pm.
    Muchas gracias.
  8. Haha Si ya sabia que eras BullDestroyer , por eso lo dije ;)
    Bueno, si consideran ir al server Europe Orc Side, mandame un MP , acuerdate que en Humans siempre hay mas gente, por lo que los spots estaran más llenos :p , piensalo ^^!
  9. Vivan los Latinosss
  10. ahora que haras con ese ipod tambien lo pondras en venta como los gb q le haras sacar atus esclavos?


    un "trinchudo" a.k.a "come mote" q eso solo sabes decir cuando uno no opina igual q tu o te contradice :)
  11. ke enserio se los ganadores ganan un Ipad o un Ipod touch ? >.< ke loco :D .. y como lo vas a recibir ? .. la pagina dira algo no ? .. ke loco buen marketing de los Nttgame .. karajo si asi hubiese sido el usko T_T'
  12. la mandan por correo :yao:
  13. estimado usuario, por sus actividad de generar desorden / spam, o insultar a otro mienbro, es digno de ganarse una infraccion.
    con 5 infracciones = banned.

    desconosco las razones, por la que odias a este usuario quien creo el post. me importa si eres una desgracia para tu sociedad ( soy pirañita con stylo) , pero no permito que spamees con comentarios ilusos que no vengan al caso.
    si no te gusto la representacion del ganador a peru solo di lo que tengs que decir, pero no hagas tus referencias como una persona ignorante.

    piensa, si es un ganador del server euroko, obiamente es un buen jugador.
    no creo que estes a nivel de competir, y solo haces atacarlo eso es cobardia ( impotente ante el, que te podria aplastar como una cucaracha)

    en fin, te felicito caballero en linea AccGbs demostraste ser un buen caballero, y disfrute su premio.
    tambien recalcar, que ignore. no siga la corriente manten tu nivel. ( no se rebaje a discutir)

    buen dia.
  14. lean bien y no lo gano por ser bueno en el juego simplemente lo gano por hacer pusblicidad ala pagina

    eso no significa que quedo en segundo puesto por ser el mejor :)
  15. felicidades, publicista, jugador etc. :yao:
  16. felicidades newage.
  17. felicidades publicista :yao:
  18. calla nabo y pon tu nick :yao:
  19. :yao: sale clan vs .. soy de integrity :megusta:
  20. q yo sepa nadei de integrity apoya a los newage no se por defiendes a ese clan y decir q eres de integrity
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