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Tema en 'MapleStory' iniciado por mecorrocata, 16 Ago 2010.

  1. Hola buenas veo que hay gente necesita algunos servidores privados, En esta pagina lo pueden conseguir, Es un top de servidores privados con mas de 400 servidores, Les traigo los 3 primeros no lo traduzco para que se acostumbren a verlo en ingles ademas quien lo quiera traducido existe google....


    RydahMS [v75] [KNIGHTS OF CYGNUS] [1000x/250x/25x][Godly Dedicated Server][FM Bosses][10 Channels][Player Commands][Laidback GamePlay][Tetris System][Auto Job Advance][All-In-One Shops][Unique][Pets][Skill Maxer][FM NPC][PvP][100 Buddy Slots][Unlimited Flash Jump][Unlimited Buffs][Max Stat System][Fast Mob Respawn][Training Grounds]
    INOUT 915364476


    MoongraMS [VERSION 88 SOON WITH DUALBLADE + EVAN] [35x/10x/3x]-[v83!]-[ALL SKILLS WORKING!!!]-[Custom Website/Forums]-[Friendly Staff]-[Challenging Game-Play!]-[EXCELLENT Development]-[Daily Updates]-[Unique]-[Low rate]-[Friendly Community]-[Interactive Server]-[Custom TRADING SYSTEM]-[Wish Ticket System]-[ORIGINAL, WE DO NOT COPY OTHERS]-[MUCH MUCH MORE!]
    INOUT 544951282


    FarmerStory - v83 Beta [REVAMPED] [v83] [Non-GMS Like] [500/2500/5/25] [150% Rates for Voting] [EASY Rebirths] [Best Occupation-Based System] [Chicken Economy] [Mega Equipment Seller] [All Chairs and Mounts] [Rate Upgrader] [Max Stat Items] [Easy Rebirths] [Custom Spawns] [Cheap NX] [Awesome Gachapons] [Best Client Hacks w/ UFJ] [Constantly Updated]

    Bueno la pagina es:
    espero que les sirva saludos.