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    1) First Server

    [url][/url] 20Fantasy.JPG [/ img]

    Name: MuOnlineFantasy NetWork
    Web Sity: [url=]Page Not Found: *[/url]
    Version: 97D +99 B Items
    ST Anticheat Server Launcher
    Chat Servers
    Server: 1 public
    Server: 2 Vip
    Drops: 80%
    Exp: 5000%
    Full Client Download Mirror 1: [url=]Mu Fantasy NetWorK.exe[/url]
    Full Client Download Mirror 2: [url][/url]

    2) Second Server

    Name: Mu Fantasy
    Exp: 9999%
    Drops: 80%
    Server 1: On
    Web Sity: [url=][/url]
    Launcher Update On
    Web Sity Music
    Camaro On 3D
    New Maps
    Music On
    Download Full Client: [url=]MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service[/url]

    [img] [url][/url] 20Fantasy% 201.04X.JPG [/ img]

    [img] [url][/url] 20Fantasy% 20Summoner.JPG [/ img]

    3) Third Server
    Info Servers GunZ Revolution X NetWorKGamerZ

    [img] [url][/url] Forum.JPG [/ img]

    [img] [url][/url] Banner.GIF [/ img]

    Name: GunZ Revolution X
    Web Sity: [url=]Page Not Found: *[/url]
    On Web Shop
    Launcher Update On
    News Info Chat Server Launcher, Community
    Download Full Client:
    Exp: 50x
    Clan Server: On
    GunZ Revolution X video: D

    [youtube] [/ youtube]
    Download Video Link GunZ Revolution X:

    [img] [/ img]
    Full Client Download Mirror 1:
    Full Client Download Mirror 2:
    Full Client Download Mirror 3:
    Full Client Download Mirror 4: (In Progress)
    Download Patch Maps:
    Download Launcher Update:
    GunZ The Duel Online Server: D one of the best 3D Games Camaro
    Maps: New maps GunZ

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    E-Mail: General Manager [email protected] : D
    E-Mail: General Manager [email protected] : D

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    Hope you like the servers: D

    [Guide] Quest SPANISH boss and easy to understand: D By: idolo21

    [size = 24] [color = green] Mansion [/ color] [/ size]
    Goblin Quest 0 = lvl 1 +, at least one member lower lvl 4
    Goblin Quest 1 = lvl 5 +
    Goblin Quest 2 = lvl 13 +, Pg 13
    Goblin Quest 3 = lvl 25 +, Pg 25
    Goblin Quest 4 = lvl 41 +, Pg 41
    Goblin Quest 5 = lvl 65 +, Pg 65
    Goblin King = lvl 5 +, Crimson Necklace, Goblin Skull

    [size = 18] [color = blue] Goblin King [/ color] [/ size]
    Map: Mansion
    [color = red] Combination: Goblin's Skull + Crimson's Necklace [/ color]
    [img] [/ img]

    Atack's Goblin King:
    Hammer Quake-Goblin King Slams: Throw the hammer on the ground causing a small earthquake.
    Hammer-Goblin King Swings the hammer. This is guardable.
    Fireball-Goblin King shoots fire from his mouth.
    Speed: Slow

    Boss Drops:
    Goblin King Quest lvl 0
    Goblin King Skull [pointless slaughter item]
    Goblin King ax [pointless slaughter item]

    Goblin King Quest lvl 1,2,3,4,5

    Goblin King Skull.
    Goblin King Ax.
    Torn Page 65.
    Male Goblin Hat.
    Female Goblin Hat.
    Goblin Rocket Launcher.

    [color = orange] Drops Mansion: [/ color]

    Goblin-HP, AP, Ammo, Raw Meat
    Goblin Gunner-HP, AP, Ammo, Meat Season
    Goblin Mage-HP, AP, Ammo, Steak
    Goblin Commander-HP, AP, Ammo, Goblin Doll, Goblin Skull
    Goblin Shaman-HP, AP, Ammo, Crimson Necklace.

    [size = 24] [color = green] Dungeon [/ color] [/ size]
    Skeleton Quest 0 = lvl 1 +, which is a lower member of 4 +
    Skeleton Quest 1 = lvl 5 +
    Skeleton Quest 2 = lvl 13 +, Pg 13
    Skeleton Quest 3 = lvl 25 +, Pg 25
    Skeleton Quest 4 = lvl 41 +, Pg 41
    Skeleton Quest 5 = lvl 65 +, Pg 65
    Superion the Tainted = lvl 5 +, Large Skull, Skeleton Doll
    Aneramon The Wicked = lvl 5 +, Mysterious Skull, Skeleton Doll
    Lich = lvl 5 +, Enourmously Huge Skull, Devils Dictionary.

    [size = 18] [color = blue] - Lich [/ color] [/ size]
    Map: Dungeon
    [color = red] Combination: Enormously huge bone + Devil's Dictionary [/ color]
    [img] [/ img]

    From Lynch's Atck:
    Missile missile-Lich sends 5 points at random (magician missiles).
    Flame-Lich sends a line of flame on the ground.
    Lava Bomb-Lich throws a "water balloon" bombs of lava on the ground.
    Speed: Medium

    Boss Drops:

    Lich Lvl 0
    Lich's Tail

    Lich Lvl 1,2,3,4,5
    Lich's Tail
    Torn Page 65
    Wings of Catastrophe [Kodachi]
    Dark Lord Trousers (Men) [Pants]
    Dark Lord Trousers (Women) [Pants] *

    [size = 18] [color = blue] Aneramon The Wicked [/ color] [/ size]
    Map: Dungeon
    [color = red] Combination: Mysterious Skull + Skeleton Doll [/ color]
    [img] [/ img]

    Aneramon The Wicked Atks:

    Slap-slapping Aneramon nearby opponent. This is guardable.
    Thunder-thunder Aneramon urges in a nearby opponent.
    Lightning-Shock Aneramon urges rays shooting randomly on the ground.
    Crush-Ground Aneramon a massive field.
    Speed: Very Slow

    Boss Drops:

    The Wicked Aneramon Lvl 0
    Aneramon's Sword
    Devils Dictionary.

    The Wicked Aneramon Lvl 1,2,3,4,5
    Aneramon's Sword
    Torn Page 65
    Devils Dictionary
    Odd Gun x2
    Leather Wrap Shoes (Men)
    Leather Wrap Shoes (Women)

    [size = 18] [color = blue] - Superion The Tainted [/ color] [/ size]
    Map: Dungeon
    [color = red] Combination: Large Skull + Skeleton Doll [/ color]
    [img] [/ img]

    Superion The Tainted Atks:

    Slash-Superion Slashes at an opponent. This is guardable.
    Slash Beam-Superion sends a beam down the row you are in.
    Speed: Fast

    Boss Drops
    Superion the tainted lvl 0
    Superion's Sword

    Superion the tainted Lvl 1,2,3,4,5
    Superion's Sword
    Huge huge skull
    Torn Page 65
    Demon Hand (Men) [gloves]
    Demon Hand (Women) [gloves]
    Demon carrier [Sword / Katana]

    [color = orange] Dungeon Drops: [/ color]
    Skeleton-HP, AP, Ammo, Small Skull
    Skeleton Mage-HP, AP, Ammo, Small Skull
    Skeleton Commander-HP, AP, Ammo, Skeleton Doll
    Giant Skeleton-HP, AP, Ammo, Large Skull
    The Unholy-HP, AP, Ammo, Mysterious Skull.

    [size = 24] [color = green] Prison [/ color] [/ size]
    KOBOLD Quest 0 = lvl 1 +, or a lower member of lv. 4 +
    KOBOLD Quest 1 = lvl 5 +
    KOBOLD Quest 2 = lvl 13 +, Pg 13
    KOBOLD Quest 3 = lvl 25 +, Pg 25
    KOBOLD Quest 4 = lvl 41 +, Pg 41
    KOBOLD Quest 5 = lvl 65 +, Pg 65
    Giant Lizardmen = lvl 5 +, Platinium Earring Gold Earring
    Broken Golem = lvl 5 +, High-Class Gear, KOBOLD Doll

    [size = 18] [color = blue] - Giant Lizardmen [/ color] [/ size]
    Map: Prison
    [color = red] Combination: Platinum Earring + Gold Earring [/ color]
    [img] [/ img]

    Giant Atks Lizardmen:

    Slash-GL bars using his ax with tremendous damage!
    Poison Breath-GL breathes out poison like a dragon breathing fire.
    Poison-GL Stomp stomps with tremendous force Its leg hits the ground causing an earthquake.
    Speed: Fast

    Boss Drops

    Giant Lizardmen lvl 0
    Lizardmen Giant's Ax

    Lizardmen Lvl 1,2,3,4,5 Giant
    Giant's Ax Lizardmen
    High-Class Gear
    Torn Page 65
    Lizardskin Gloves (men) [gloves]
    Lizardskin Gloves (Women) [gloves]
    Battle Ax [Ax (Melee)]

    [size = 18] [color = blue] - Broken Golem [/ color] [/ size]
    Map: Prison
    [color = red] Combination: KOBOLD Doll High-Class Gear + [/ color]
    [img] [/ img]

    Broken Golem Atks:

    Punch-Broken Golem ponchea his opponent with great fury!
    Poison-Stomp stomps Broken Golem: With tremendous force that somehow brings poison!
    - Broken Golem invincibility shock Levite, then turn around and send electrical charge that stuns ball to their opponents and then down.
    Poison-invincibility Broken Golem levitated and then tour sends a beam of poison and then down.
    Speed: Medium

    Boss Drops
    Broken Golem Lvl 0
    Broken Gears [Useless Sacrificial Item]
    Golem's Sword [Useless Sacrificial Item]

    Broken Golem Lvl 1,2,3,4,5
    Broken Gears [Useless Sacrificial Item]
    Golem's Sword [Useless Sacrificial Item]
    Andriod Mask (Men) [Hat]
    Andriod Mask (Women) [Hat]
    Torn Page 65 [Sacrificial Item]
    Shattered Iron [Shotgun]

    [color = orange] Prison Release [/ color]
    KOBOLD-HP, AP, Ammo, Iron Earring
    KOBOLD Shaman-HP, AP, Ammo, Silver Earring
    KOBOLD Warrior-HP, AP, Ammo, Gold Earring, KOBOLD Doll
    KOBOLD Commander-HP, AP, Ammo, Platinium Earring