Hack para Garena 06/05/10

Tema en 'DotA' iniciado por Ito Makoto, 6 May 2010.

  1. Buenas traigo la actualizacion del hacker de garena ...

    algo asi como el MH pero con mas variables.... pueden bajarlo.... y darme gracias...


    1- Enable all the icons
    2-Enter room without Message box and advertisement
    3-Show real ping number instead of bars ( in room, in game, someone
    joined ur game)
    4-Enable message spam in chat channel
    5-increase EXP 10 times, just left the garena open, you will be level up
    6-Unlimit Group Alert even you are just a normal member
    9-Build in 1.20e 1.21 1.24b/c 1.24d/e Maphack feature
    12-trace people's ip address
    15-auto update system to ensure your garena hack is always fit the
    lastest garena
    16- you can leave room while playing
    17 - you can view gamer's ladder record while you host or join a host
    18 - you can change war3 name as what ever you want
    19- can see gamer record in game& in room member list in both high
    level room & normal room
    20 Can check win &lose rate
    21 Can get ladder record in high level room
    Dota Features:
    22 CUSTOM KICK (kick him out or lag him out)
    23 lag hacK(lag a certain player and dont affect the others)
    24 mute hack u can mute a certain player
    25 you can Read opponent team's chat
    26 rune notifier : there will be a text message describe which rune
    spawned at where, and also a ping will be shown on the minimap with
    different color deponds on the rune type
    27 maphack detector
    28 resourse viewer in dota
    29 be able to see kunkka's torrent, sniper's ulti, sb's charge etc
    during the game
    30 mana bar
    31 safeclick - the fog clicks will be protected from detection(even in
    32 show gray hp bar for invisible units




    Guide on how to use Host Hack by Dreamhack:

    1.First of all,make sure you are the
    2.Your Warcraft 3 is original/genuine.
    3.Do not use any
    themes(Example:Diabolic Warcraft Tools) or other hack tools such as
    GUMH(My friend told me about this,credits to him.. I guess..)
    4.Click [Host Hack] be4 starting
    the game.(While waiting for players to join in)

    Ver Spanish

    Guía sobre el uso de host Hack por DreamHack:
    1.Primero que nada, asegúrese de que usted es el
    de acogida.

    2.El Warcraft 3 es original / genuine.
    No use ningún 3.Do
    temas (Ejemplo: Diabolic Warcraft Tools) u otras herramientas de hackeo como
    GUMH (Mi amigo me dijo sobre esto, le atribuye a .. creo ..)
    4.Haga clic Anfitrión [Hack] be4 de partida
    el juego. (A la espera de los jugadores a participar)

  2. di como se utiliza o q se tiene q hacer para ser funcional
  3. no sabes... pero ahy dice.... ( ta en ingles )
  4. bueno te lo pongo aun mas facil....

    1.- entra a la pag que dice en el hacker... mytdt.com.br/garena

    2.- registrate

    3.- abre el hacker y logeate con el id y pass que te creaste en la pagina

    4.-abrira el hacker.... seleccionas lo que quieres

    5.- listo.
  5. Gracias Kapo