HackPack V.44 ~Everything you need~ [Updated with Phail.dll]

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  1. Bueno a qui les traigo un hackpack de la V.0.44 para MpleGlobal como la mayoria saben activarlo por exo no explico.
    Para los q no sabes mamensen un chaparro ok :D

    Aki les dejo el Link
    1) Pedzing Engine: http://rapidshare.com/files/59363675/PedZing_Engin.rar.html

    2)Sora Remake Engine2.6:http://rs33.rapidshare.com/files/56426215/SoRa_Remake_Engine_2.6.rar

    3)Syscon Engine:http:

    Buen o esto no es un hack mio es de un Friend q me lo paso a un q el es de Inglaterra, bueno eso no importa el memando la la instruciones para activarlo
    pero estan en English.
    Para los q no saben hablar English Jodanse mejor esto solo es para los Pro!..
    +GGCRC bypassSteps:1:Open your UCE.2:Open Maple Story, but DO NOT HIT PLAY.3:In your UCE, open the process watcher (in SORA you can do this by clicking "process watcher" in the middle right portion of the interface) and double click on the one that contains MapleStory.exe4:Now, open the folder that has InstallVirus.exe in it.5:Click Play in Maple Story. GameGuard should open up, in the upper left there will be a small box that will usually disappear very fast. As soon as it disapears, count anywhere from 1 to 3 seconds, and open InstallVirus.exeA sidenote on the timing: you do have to get the timing just right on this. It's very important, and really could be anywhere from one to three seconds. Most people say it's three, for me it feels more like one. For you, it could be two. Who knows?6:If you've got the timing right, you will have a window openThe Window will say File Molester by xOr....Sent login cookies to email.... Yea something like that....Few seconds later you will se another window pop open saying.. My Crc Bypass.On both MapleCrc and GGCRC it should say active....

    === Useful ===

    ~Color Key~

    Green - No Autoban
    Yellow - Maybe Autoban
    Red - Autoban

    By the way, I haven't tested some of these hacks, so I have put them as Yellow but will update them as soon as I know if they are autoban or non autoban.

    Pin Unrandomizer- Unrandomizes the 'Soft Keyboard' letters.

    Pin Typer- Allows you to type without the 'Soft Keyboard' appearing.

    Godmode- Doesn't allow you to get damaged.

    SS Damage Control- You can't get hit by more than 1 damage server sided, and as a side effect you will always hit 1 damage on other monsters but that is client sided, so you are actually doing normal damage even though it appears as 1.

    No Knockback- You don't get knocked back when hit by a monster, very useful.

    Instant Drop- Skips the drop animation so that the item instantly appears where it was dropped.

    Super Tubi- Speeds up picking up items. Doesn't AutoBan me, but a few people say it AutoBans them. I'm quite sure this is safe.

    Item Filter- Filters what items you are able to pick up so you don't fill your inventory with junk while botting. If someone could give me a link to an Item Filter script editing tutorial I would post it here.

    No Swear Filter- Skips the swear filter so you can say whatever you want.

    Spam Hack- Skips the spam filter so you can say something repeatedly as much as you want.

    Perfect NoBreath- Skips the "Catch your breath and try again" message (many think that this doesn't AutoBan, but trust me- it does. ~~~This Autobans if you CC~~~

    Unlimited Attack- Gthuggin's non-AutoBan UA skips the '100-attack-without-moving' limit.

    Speed Attack- Every 3 or 4 hits you will quickly add in another without the delay between attacks.

    Lag Hack- Lags the monsters around you, and works well on bosses as it prevents some from attacking. ~~~Tried it myself, does not autoban~~~

    SAWSIL V1- Prevents you from attacking when there are less than 6 monsters in front of you. Look at the script to see where you can change the 6 to something else.

    Auto Disconnect- Returns you to the login screen if a red dot appears on your minimap.

    Vac Disruption Check- If your vac appears to be disrupted by another person entering the map, you will disconnect before they even appear on the minimap.

    === Vacs ===

    Item Vac- Allows you to pick up items from far away, just as if they were under your feet. ~~~Some people say that this autobans, some do not. For me, it's if I vac an item far away, I get AB. Just don't use it~~~

    Mouse Item Vac- Just like the normal Item Vac, but only picks up the item(s) under your mouse.

    Filtered Mouse Vac- Your character will appear behind your mouse and you can move the mouse around to view all of the map. Others will see you where you ticked the hack, as this hack is client sided.

    BlockVac (CS)- Client side vac that vacs all of the monsters to a set location on the left of the map, updated by TheTechnoGuy.

    MouseVac (CS)- Vacs all of the monsters and your player to behind your mouse client sided, and you can attack. Others will see you as attacking mid air and they will see a monster being attacked by nothing.

    Hybrid Vac- Vacs all of the monsters to the bottom left corner of the map. See here for more.

    Pap/Zak Vac- Vac that works especially well on Papulatus and Zakum (anyone have some more detailed info? Please post xD). ~~~For me, this does not autoban, but if you do it wrong, like leave it ticked too long, then it might autoban. Just be safe and don't use it.~~~

    Slow DupeX Vac- Slowly vacs all of the monsters to a random monsters location. After ticking this, tick Slow DupeX Pointer to activate.

    DDX 2.0 Vac- Similar to Slow DupeX, but vacs all of the monsters to your location and much faster. Stands for 'Delay DupeX'. After ticking this, tick DDX 2.0 Pointer and change the value to 1. A value of -1 (supposedly) will instantly AutoBan you, but otherwise this should be safe.

    YoYo DupeX (Stay) (F1, F2)- The best vac of them all in my opinion, this vacs all of the monsters to where you are and they are stuck in a 'mob'. Jump out of the mob and they will be stuck together and you will be free to attack them. After ticking this, press 'F1' on your keyboard to activate (be wary that staying in the mob for too long may cause an AutoBan, so make sure to jump out).

    YoYo DupeX (Follow) (F1, F2)- Almost the same as the (Stay) version but when you jump out of the mob, the monsters will be 're-vacced' to you. In other words, they are following you. ~~~May autoban if you move too much.~~~

    === Fun Hacks ===

    Swim Jump- When in the air after jumping, you will do the swimming animation. This allows any class to attack in mid air!

    Invisible Chair (Poo Poo)- An ownage hack that allows you to sit on mid air and still move like normal!

    Moon Walk- When moving, you won't do the walking animation and you can walk backwards without turning around.

    Fly Hack- This is the '6 Min Fly Hack' which disconnects you after a lot longer than the old fly hack. Continuously jump to fly. Has a side effect of not allowing monsters to move, and you cant walk, only fly.

    Speed Walk- You will walk a lot faster than normal, but you usually disconnect pretty quick. Has a side effect of making nearby monsters go crazy.

    Assaulter Slide (CS)- You will do the Assaulter Slide animation when attacking, but it's only client sided. You will disconnect if you attack an enemy with this on.

    Glide- Hold jump as you jump off of a ledge, you will slowly glide down. Disconnects after 2-3 seconds in mid air however.

    Meso Drop- Here should be all of the information you'll need on this script.

    Levitate- Holds you in place even if in mid air, so that you are 100% unable to move. The game will exit and get an 'error code = 5' when unticking, unfortunately.

    Super Rope Jump- The higher you set this, the further you will fly when you jump off a rope. Default is 1.3 (all credits to ElJeffro for finding this address).

    === Teleport Character ===

    Teleport Up, Left, Right- Activate one of these hacks and jump, you will fly as far up/left/right as you possibly can.

    Fall through Floor- Activate this hack then jump, and you will fall through the ground below you. If you drop below the bottom of the map, you will respawn at the entrance portal. ~~~May D/C~~~

    SS Mouse Teleport- Ah, the great Server Side Mouse Teleport, originally created by frosty and sponge. Jump then press Shift and you will teleport to the ground directly below your mouse. You will then be 'shaking' but you can stop that by pressing Shift again. While 'shaking' hold down your attack button and you will float behind your mouse, so it's similar to Filtered Mouse Vac but server sided!

    === Unrandomizers ===

    Monster Unrandomizer- Tick this then change the value of the script below to either 1 (to stop the monsters from moving), 2 (to force them to move right), or 3 (to force them to move left).

    Stat Unrandomizer- When creating a character, tick this then change the value of the below script to either 0 (STR), 1 (DEX), 2 (INT), or 3 (LUK). Whichever you choose will get 13 points when you roll the dice and the other 3 stats will get 4 points.

    Monster Knockback Rate- If the value is below 10 you'll see all of your attacks as a miss, although it's only client sided. If the value is 9999 or above, when you hit the monster it will go in a smooth continuous motion. Also if you CC with the value over 9999 you will disconnect in a few seconds...
  2. Bueno no c por que tambien le pusistes Hack Pack si tampoco veo el installvirus la proxima pon todos los elemntos ok?? byes
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