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    Phone Recorder Plus 1.1' is a software that records automatically hours of phone calls and saves them in a highly professional log. Also ,Phone Recorder Plus 1.1 comes with complete answering machine and caller id features. Benefits: Phone Recorder Let Third Party Listen The Call Full Answering Machine Professional Calls Log The Calls List The Events Manual Call Control Professional Voice Mail Box Personal Web-Site Forwarding details of incoming calls to your e-mail Saving a lot of disk space Cut the silence section Caller ID Features Create greeting with the Speaker or Text To Speech Runs as a service And Much More All basic and regular known Phone Recorder and Answering Machine features exist here - Pre screen calls, limited / unlimited recorded time, defining voice mail time, dragging calls, saving them to your computer, Powerful search. These features and more can be operated from your computer without being a registered member here or in other third party site. DownLoad Now :