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    Seven programs Seven Remix XP 2.1 was designed to improve the graphical interface of Windows XP on the well-known Windows 7. Overwritten is a big part of your system files, including those with the icons, images, animations, for the "learned" from Windows 7. The installer automatically carries out the process of replacing the file, create an adjustment in the registry, installed programs, third, skins and accessories such as audio visual, style, etc. In addition, creates a backup if necessary so there is no problem with the recovery of overwritten files - in addition to this should be incorporated System Restore service.

    In the event that we are not satisfied with the results of the Seven Remix XP 2.1, it is completely removable.

    Seven Remix XP 2.1 turns your XP operating system in Windows Seven, which will come soon.

    Seven Remix XP 2.1 customize the screens and loading access, screensavers, cursors and sounds (of Vista), fonts, screen (four different), and visual style.

    Seven Remix XP 2.1 is very easy to install and uninstall with the same ease. In additio

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