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  1. L2Cerberus - New Age Of Lineage 2
    low rate - x7

    PLANNED START: 01.07.2010

    WEB: hhttp://l2cerberus.eu/
    FORUM: http://l2cerberus.eu/forum/index.php

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    Hello, L2Cerberus Team is proud to introduce our new project.
    Our new server will be running on L2DC (DragonClaw) files, thanks to those files we can provide gameplay on high standard, stability and endless updates.
    Database will be set on super fast SSD (Solid State Drive), that allow us to keep it lag less, and avoid freezing even during sieges or territory wars.
    Our main idea will remain the same, Retail like, in case of low rate, it will be even easier to stick to it.
    We already working to check everything well before we will launch it, to get rid off all messy things that may come up and ruin a part of gameplay like configs of quests for example.
    No Donation for ingame goods like armors weapons enchants buffers or anything that may have impact on gameplay.
    U will find here more details and Info about changes as soon as we will decide to implement something new.
    Thats what we Decided for now, it all may change as we progress with testing:


    Xp = 7x
    Sp = 7x
    Party Xp = 8.5x
    Party Sp = 8.5x
    Adena Drop = 6x
    Seal Stones Drop = 6x
    Items Drop = 6x
    Common Items Drop= 6x
    Items From RB Drop = 6x
    Spoil = 6x
    Manor Drop = 5x
    Fish Extractable = 5x
    Quest Items Drop = 2x
    Quest Rewards = 2x (without Scrolls, Recipes, Items)
    Quests XP = 7x
    Quests SP = 7x
    Castle Guard Price = 6x
    Hellbound Points = 2x

    -Safe Enchant : 3
    -Max Enchant : Unlimited
    -Enchant Rate : 66%


    * L2DC Files.
    * All skills functional.
    * All enchant routes.
    * All GE locations.
    * Hellbound Isle retail like till lvl 11.
    * Towers on Hellbound.
    * Territory Wars.
    * All epic Raids (Including Frintezza).
    * Olympiad retaill like, including manual hero system, hero diary, hero records.
    * Vitality System with retail formulas.
    * Improved Pets.
    * Retail buff time.
    * Skill Transfer System.
    * No auto Learn skills.
    * Instances in Castles and fortresses. (Including Benom RB in rune)
    * All Kamalokas.
    * All Pailakas.
    * Retail skill formulas, level difference ect.
    * Subclass Skill Certifications.
    * Quests for 3rd class change.
    * 1st and 2nd class change quest free.
    * Quests for Noble/Subclass.
    * Geoengine/Patchnode system.
    * Champion Monster System.
    * Cursed Weapons.
    * Team vs Team - Deathmatch/Last Man Standing.
    * First 3 Seven Sign Epic Quests.
    * Agumentation System (Weapon/Jewelery)
    * Masterwork Working.


    * CPU: Intel Xeon W3520 (i7) 4x 2x 2.66+ GHz Turbo Boost Technology @ 2.93GHz.
    * RAM: 12GB DDR3 RAM.
    * HDD: Intel SSD X25-M 2x 80 GB – SATA2 (ultra performance).
    * 1 Gbps Connection.
    * Operating System: Ubuntu Servers.