[L2DC Freya]L2HellGate/x15/Grand Opening 1.10.2010

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  1. HellGate

    Chronicle : FREYA
    XP/SP: x15
    Party XP/SP: x1.2
    Adena: x15
    Drop: x15
    Spoil: x10
    Raid Drop: x10
    Boss Jewels Drop: 1x
    Manor: x1
    Mercenary Guard Price: x6
    Fishing: x2

    Item Reward: x1
    Adena Reward: x4
    XP/ SP Reward: x5
    Drop: x10

    Retail Success and Safe Enchant.
    Max Enchant: 16x


    L2DC Files.
    All skills functional.
    All enchant routes.
    Most GE locations.
    Hellbound Isle retail like till lvl 11.
    Towers on Hellbound.
    Territory Wars.
    All epic Raids (Including Frintezza).
    Olympiad retaill like, including manual hero system, hero diary, hero records.
    Improved Pets.
    Skill Transfer System.
    Instances in Castles and fortresses. (Including Benom RB in rune)
    All Kamalokas.
    All Pailakas.
    Retail skill formulas, level difference ect.
    Subclass Skill Certifications.
    Quests for 3rd class change.
    Quests for Noble/Subclass.
    Geoengine/Patchnode system.
    Cursed Weapons.
    Team vs Team/Deathmatch/Last Man Standing.
    First 3 Seven Sign Epic Quests.
    Agumentation System (Weapon/Jewelery)
    Masterwork Working.
    Auto Loot (Auto Pickup).
    Auto Skill Learn.
    Common & Shadow Items were removed from shop and drop.
    B grade Crystal added to Mammon.
    All Shops will be Interlude like (D on shops and C on Luxury Shop).
    Buffs 1H (except Kamael & Pet Buffs).
    Anti-Bot System.
    Offline Trade. Set your private store and click “Exit”.
    Retail Quest for 1st(you will be able to buy mark from L2HellGate Shop)/2nd(Good Work’s Reward & 3kk adena)/3rd Class
    Box limitation currently to 3 box.
    Trade zones at Giran Town, where you can set private store only on predefined areas.
    Shadai Blacksmith announcement.
    Vitality System:

    Level 1 – 125% increase in experience gain.
    Level 2 – 150% increase in experience gain.
    Level 3 – 175% increase in experience gain.
    Level 4 – 200% increase in experience gain.
    Automated Events:
    Team vs Team/Deathmatch/Last Man Standing, every 4 hours, for 40-85LvL Players.
    Many retail-like events, every 1-2 hours.