L2Eternity.eu Freya Server

Tema en 'Lineage' iniciado por DrAcme, 24 Dic 2010.

  1. L2Eternity is based on Freya chronicle we tried our best to keep retail gameplay combined with our custom modification for a whole new experience on Lineage2. The server is developed for months for better balance and we will keep watching over for various bugs etc to give to our players a new L2 home to stay. We use dedicated server for no lags and we have 0 corruption with friendly support to the end-user.

    XP : 150
    Sp : 200
    Adena : 500
    Drop : 1x

    -Enchant Rates-
    Safe : 3
    Rate : 68%
    Blessed : 80%
    Max weapon : 25
    Max Jewelry : 20

    -Subclass Options-
    Max Subclass : 3
    Subclass level: 85
    No Subclass quest
    Custom Certification (Easy)
    Custom Nobless system

    -Server Options-
    Auto learn skills (+forgoten)
    Auto class change (Popup)
    Buffs Duration 60min - Special's 25min
    Buff slots 28 - Dance 16
    Simple Buffs and special are free.
    No herb drop except Vitality/HP/MP
    Vitality Retail like
    Nobless on Special shop but raid needed
    Certification working All Raids + Custom Raids
    Offline Trade & Craft system
    Champion mobs (passive, drop x7)

    -Custom System's-
    *All the custom system's and features that have been added are well balanced and they dont ruin the gameplay.
    Custom Start location
    Starting level 40
    AIO custom system
    Fame System
    Custom Weapon Craft System
    Custom Bank System (.withdraw .deposit)
    PvP/PK Color System
    Anti-Buff Shield (Toggle skill)
    Killing spree system (pvp+pk)
    Custom Clan reputation and Fame item.
    Special RaidBoss Jewels enhance system
    Custom upgradeable Tattoo's (Balanced)
    Custom Farm Areas

    We use a unique currency system to achieve the best economy system.
    The transaction item on private store's is the eternity coin
    Eternity Coins
    -You can buy special stuff with it like top armors and weapons.
    -You can farm it at special area's and from champion mobs.
    Event Coins
    -You can buy many items with it at special shop.
    -You can gain it by winning on events
    Vote Crystal
    -Item given to players from gm and they can buy or trade it at Reward Npc
    Donator Medal
    -Special medal awarded to players that they contribute and support us.
    -You can buy special items with it at donator shop.

    ==Unique Npc's==

    Mammon of Eternity:
    Its a special npc created by us, to offer you lots of functions such as:
    -Add & Remove Special Ability to your weapons (A grade+)
    -Add & Remove Lifestone from your items
    -Add pvp status to your weapon and armor

    Info Npc:
    You can find all information you need to play, such as rates, server info's, custom system etc.

    ==Special Area's==
    Easy Area
    Medium Area
    Hard Hard
    Ultimate Area
    Custom Raid Areas

    We use the Phoenix-engine that includes the following events:
    #Team Vs Team
    # DeatMatch:
    # Last Man Standing
    # Capture the Flag
    # Domination
    # Bomb Fight
    # VIP Team vs Team:
    # Lucky Chests
    # Zombie
    # Simon Says
    # Double Domination
    # Russian Roulette
    # Mutant
    # Battlefield
    As well some other GM events.