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  1. [​IMG] Epic KO - PVP Server [Light Farming] - LVL 83 CAP - ENGLISH SERVER, DEDICATED

    Epic KO:
    KO Panel: Epic KO :: Index

    BETA IS LIVE!Epic KO Trailer:

    Epic KO is a PVP server, with light farm. That will be at open Beta stage very soon.
    Here are what we are planing to do:

    * The maximum level will be 83, easy leveling ,1 level per monster in moradon with auto master enabled.
    * Every player starts with +8 gear and +0 unqies for his class.
    * Better items and uniqes can be farmed ingame by killing bosses/monsters, exchanging np's, quests, events.
    * CZ Monument - Add 15 np's to the nation that own it
    * No overpowered donators,the game will be balanced!
    * Game guard is online and working perfect!

    Downloads:Client ->
    Patch(exe+launcher + wibescreen fixed!) ->

    Following Zones will be open on start:
    * Bi-frost
    * Krowaz
    * Darkland
    * Felankor Cave
    You can also to pk in this zones!

    Best items: (for now)Valkyrie Armors (PUS)
    Bahamut Armors (INGAME/PUS)
    Krowaz weapons: (Baal, Raum, Gabs, Faun, ect) (INGAME)

    Upgrade rates:Epic KO ::

    Drop list:Epic KO ::

    Voting System:[​IMG]

    Some pics from game:[​IMG]

    Next to come:
    Epic Voucher System: Earn "Epic Voucher" by killing an oppisite nation player (every ill u get 1x item) and exchange it ingame.
    Premium system: We will have diffrent Premiums, every Premium will have it's own uniqes features
    New items, new quests, new zones: We will keep adding new content on a regular basic to keep the game intresting [​IMG]

    Soon we open ftp!​
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    A sicar15 le gusta esto.
  2. Si es server pvp :D bien ahi. Ah y recuerden escanear los archivos que bajan, se me hace sospechoso que ultimamente gente de dudosa reputacion posteen server farm, pvp etc... pueda que haya troyano y te dejan calato tu cuenta del usko (Si es que aun lo juegan)
  3. este se ve mejor que el electro serve ese que tmb postearon
    sin mucho farm es mejor

    los de este foro van a jugar en un sere pvp en especial ?
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