Lethargy Trainer 3.0.4

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  1. Lethargy Trainer v3.0.4




    [+] Added FREE Multi-MS (Up to 5)
    [+] Added pet looting
    [+] Added Box killer
    [+] Added City rush
    [+] Added Show Potential feature
    [+] Added Safe godmode
    [+] Added Recieve packet feature

    [!] Updated to 3.0.4
    [!] Fixed some bugs
    [!] Fixed auto pot not potting right away
    [!] Fixed the GM detection
    [!] Fixed Pink bean icy
    [!] Fixed no delay PvP packets
    [!] Fixed boss fade for less d/c
    [!] Fixed hackshield detection on some computers
    [!] Fixed crashing on some computers

    Hacks that are automatically enabled in game:
    - Bind Any Skill to hotkey
    - No Breath Checks for inventory-related actions
    - Pic Typer + Show Pic (optional in settings)
    - Auto Revive

    Please remember to read the trainer's Notes for additional information.

    ** A CRC Bypass is NOT required! Close your injector before starting the game! **

    Lethargy Trainer 3.0.4

    D: si alguien pudo descargar a legal como dice en los pasos de la descarga lo puede subir por fa , me slae ke tiene filtros y ke necesito colocar informacion real =S:cool:

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  2. si lograste descargar ese supuesto hack porfavor subelo a otra pag como mediafire porfavor q por ahy no se entiende como descargar te manda a una pagina pero igual no se puede descargar =S
  3. No se puede descargar , esto ya lo habian posteado.
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