Nuevo Lineage2 C1 Harbingers of war

Tema en 'Lineage' iniciado por skavyrlz, 1 Oct 2011.

  1. Les traigo un server nuevo pero de la vieja escuela, Cronica1 !!
    espero que lo disfruten
    All are invited, opening Yesterday.

    -Cron: C1 Harbines of wars
    -Rates: x6 (middle)
    -international, Fresh starting

    -Global chat trade
    -Clan wars, asedys, agit working.
    -fresh starting
    -CursedWeapon Event
    -Npc helper. low Buffs - change class items
    -Racial wars / domwars1 (gludio vs Giran)
    -Full anti hack / flood security
    -Pet manager, Strider hatlich wyverm wolf
    -Manor manager, Geet seeds, and buy L2daybuff scrolls.
    -Roleplay manager
    -A lot of features
    -Oficial Events
    -Npc trader. sell items for example SSD and other player can buy it
    -Role Zone in gludio
    -Class balanced

    We keep classic game but also features and help system all very clean.

    all are invited
  2. c1?? c1?? jojojojo viejos tiempos