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  1. Loltastic.dll
    Last Update: 08/01/09

    Move both d3d9.dll and lol.dll to your gunz folder. C:IJJI/ENGLISH/GUNZ


    Ya en el Lobby presiona FIN O END


    This will lock your hp at full.
    This WILL work in all game modes. We've added it back because there are
    plenty of other free godmodes. No reason for us to keep it out of this hack.

    @speed <number>
    ex. @speed 30
    This will speed you up in all directions by a factor of the number you
    choose. You will NOT pass through walls. The speed will only last for two
    minutes, or until you leave the room.

    Unleash the power of the sun.
    Insane massives.

    Slashes. Lots of them.
    Bring towels and bandaids.

    Kills you instantly.
    This hack doesn't really serve a purpose, but it is rather lulzy.


    Alt+M = Massives
    Alt+L = Lawnmower
    ALt+G = Godmode

    Mirageofpenguins Staff Y A MI POR TRAERLO DEJEN SUS GRACIAS

  2. voy a ver si funka ps man .espero q si
  3. boy ah ver si funk
  4. o tu huevad no funka :abajo::martillo:
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