EUKO Merchant auto cancelador v1038

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  1. Description:
    Another release for EUKO, this one is automatically cancelling
    peoples merchants as soon as the bot notices that a new merchant has popped up.
    (There are some range checks, you have to be able to actually see the person who
    set up the merchant to make it cancel it, otherwise no limits)

    How to use:
    Start the Injector.exe and then start EUKO.
    Login as usual and select server and character and then
    go to a spot where you can see most people (around Magic Anvil is a good spot)
    Now, just wait for the char to not blink anymore and just sit back and watch
    the whole Moradon die out and wait for angry players whisper you stuffs about your parents.

    Why you should use it:
    EUKO got some really good servers, but they also got their flaws..
    There are bugs that should be fixed asap, this is one of them but
    it seems like they have got alittle lazy the last month(s).
    By using this tool, you will support the server because
    people won't login anymore and that will result in no money income for EUKO,
    and what is more important than money in EUKOs perspective? the players?
    Nope, just the money.

    Download links:

  2. no cree que deberia tomarce la molestia de traducirlo almenos ?, no simplemente copiar y pegar de Snoxd
  3. jjajajaja muy bueno
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