[Mu-Online] - Mu muo.UNReal.lv - Exp : 100 - Drop 20% - Vote Credit

Tema en 'Servidores de Mu Online' iniciado por mrkenny, 1 Oct 2013.

  1. Homepage: http://muo.unreal.lv
    Forum: http://muo.unreal.lv/f
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/muounreallv

    Server General Configuration:

    Version: Season 6 Episde 3 + Customs
    Exp: 80x (Vips: 100x)
    Drop: 12% (Vips: 18%)
    Ppl: 5/6/7
    Max stats: 32767
    Bless bug: Offline (Vips: ON)
    Max level: 400 (Vips: 410)
    Elf buff till: 320 (Vips: 350)
    Guild level: 280 (Vips: 220)
    Extra exp: Yes
    Reset system: Yes
    Duel system: Yes
    Socket system: Yes (Full 5 Sockets)
    Castle siege: Yes
    Stats reset: No
    Clear magic list: No
    Clear inventory: No
    Grand reset system: Yes
    Vote & get free credits: Yes

    More about events:
    Chaos castle: Yes (R: Random jewels)
    Blood castle: Yes (R: Box of kundun +4)
    Devil squear: Yes (R: 3x box of kundun +5)
    Kanturu event: Yes (R: Random exe items) (NEW)
    CryWolf: Yes (R: Random exe items)
    Sky event: Yes (R: Anciant + Exe items) (NEW)
    Raklion event: Yes (R: Randoma jewels & exe items)

    Cmachine rates:

    Bmix Max Rate 10: 99%
    Bmix Max Rate 11: 85%
    Bmix Max Rate 12: 80%
    Bmix Max Rate 13: 75%
    Bmix Max Rate 14: 70%
    Bmix Max Rate 15: 65%

    Mix Rates:

    Soul With Luck Success Rate: 98%
    Soul No Luck Success Rate: 3%
    Life Success Rate: 88%