multicliente C19H28O2.v6.7

Tema en 'Juegos en General' iniciado por kida, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. trabaja para la version 143





    Win32.Malware.gen (suspicious)
    esta limpio a pesar que estos antivirus dicen lo contrario.

    nuevos comandos:


    commandos viejos:

    * Muliclient.
    * Auto relogin (please wait about 12 seconds after message "Failed to connect to server").
    * Nude patch.
    * Infinity zoom.
    * Disable swear filter.
    * Minimize in taskbar (low memory mode)
    * Mini-mode (1/6 screen size)
    * Windowed mode.
    * Toggles hiding players and monsters. (Holding 'v' key).
    * Toggles showing loot on ground. (Holding 'z' key).
    * Weather control.
    * Auto-rise mastery.
    * Auto-accept resurrection.
    * Auto-accept invite to party.
    * Auto-distribution of status points.
    * Alarm on private message.
    * Alarm on unique monster.
    * Alarm on a bargain start.
    * Unique monster log.
    * Block messages (All, Whisper, Party, Guild, Union, Global)
    * Character info window.
    * Loader configuration dialog.
    * Redirection the client to local port (substitute for mediapatcher)

    para conf "loader.exe /cfg"

    Click Start->Run (o presiona Win + R)

    en caso de tener windows ingles
    "C:\Program Files\Silkroad\Loader.exe" /cfg

    en caso de tener windows español
    [/FONT]"C:\Archivos de programa\Silkroad\Loader.exe" /cfg[FONT=Georgia,serif] [/FONT]

  2. man porque no sirve lo instalo pero me sale ????