Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.3.0

Tema en 'DotA' iniciado por BasedLee, 2 Dic 2010.

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    Features :

    Add unstuck system:

    Every heroe will have a default ability that will teleport you to the base.

    The casting time for this spell will be 8 sec and the cooldown time will be 135 sec also you need to know if your enemy hit you or cast and spell on you, the teleport cast will be broke and you will not able to escape via this skill. So if you want to abuse of this , think before doing that.

    Back Door System : Success

    Anti Harass System : Success

    Rax System : Success

    Assist System : Success

    Map file side :

    5351 kb of 8000 kb

    -Salu2 :adios: