New Hacks for flyff.

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  1. Heya Guys: The New link for download is here:risa::

    Flyff Cash Shop Set Viewer

    This is a program which I been working on during the past month or so. I've been having various computer problems - which are fixed now - but while I had these problems, I basically couldn't play any music, games, etc on my computer. So I started coding this to occupy my time. Of course this means I could not even execute the program well on my computer, so I had to run it on our family's other computer when I had the chance, for testing purposes.

    I have been practicing my c++ skills and teaching myself 3d games programming over the past 4 months or so, with the hope to one day remake my own game which I originally started 5 years ago as a 2d game. At the time, I disliked the progress I had so far (although it was about 25% completed) and scrapped it, telling myself I would one day redo it from scratch, and do it better. So this program is sort of a result of part of said practice.

    What is it
    Anyways, this Flyff Cash Shop Set Viewer is a stand-alone executable program, used for viewing the cash shop clothes and equipment sets in Flyff. You can mix and match parts as you want, allowing you to see how a combination of clothes would look together before you decide to buy it.

    You can see a 3D view of the character, of which you can customize everything as you would in game. Face, hair style, hair color, and so on.

    Although I no longer actively play Flyff, I thought this tool would be interesting to make, not only for the fun and learning experience of doing so, but basically to show that it could be done, and also because I feel the community has been wanting something like this for a long time.

    The program was written in C++ and uses the Irrlicht 3D engine.

    What you'll need to use the program:

    * A computer with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 and a mouse.
    * If using OpenGL mode, then you need a video card and video driver which supports at least OpenGL version 1.3, or more specifically, the glCompressedTexImage2D extension. This is so that the application can be able to render the compressed (.dds format) textures onto the models. However, the program defaults to using Direct3D. To use the OpenGL renderer, run the program with csview_opengl.bat.
    * If using Direct3D mode (default), then you need both these files:
    - D3DX9_42.dll
    - D3DCompiler_42.dll
    If you have the August 2009 DirectX End-User Runtimes, then you already have these. They are bundled with the program now anyway.
    * The program loads the models and textures from the Flyff game folder, so it is a requirement to have an up-to-date version of the game client installed on your computer.

    Some details
    The models and textures are loaded from your Flyff client, so it is required that you have an up-to-date installation of Flyff to use it correctly. When you open the program for the first time, it will ask for the location of your Flyff folder, so it knows where to find them.

    Although the models and textures are loaded from the Flyff client, the item list itself is hardcoded into the program. I deliberately chose to do this for a couple of reasons. However, this approach is both good and bad.

    Bad means that I will have to keep it maintained, and that you will have to redownload the newest version every couple of weeks, or however often Flyff adds new sets to the client.

    Good means that since I will have to maintain it, it might motivate me to add new features to it, fix bugs and make improvements in the future, along with the adding in of new items.

    Ghost Auto Upgrader

    Hey Guys
    Today I will show you a Programm,
    which is named "Gmouse",
    this is an Programm, which is do all the bad work for you,
    how buy food/sell Full Inventory/Upgrade Item etc.

    2. Its an .Exe you cant Install It
    3. Start it
    4. Click on Record and record this what you want to do ;D
    Example: Upgrade in Flyff
    Go in Flyff[Windowed Mode open Inventory and click on Ori
    and upgrade your item... ;D
    5. Go to Gmouse Back and click on play..
    Now it repeat 4. and contiuning
    6. Press Ctrl+ Alt on your Keyboard to stop it...

    1. Switch Off your Display
    2. You can Upgrade multiple Items ;D
    3. You can also Awake your Inventory with this

    Video Youtube:


    * included v12 mobs
    * included hat/gaunt/boot awakening
    * included 3% cards
    * included stat-pet awakening
    * included Blessing of Goddess for the whole CS set
    * included weapon/shield piercings
    * included Lord Set and Event Buff items
    * new codes are in, the old ones should still work
    * fixed a bug when you loaded a new code and then loaded an old one
    * removed the web link for now
    * added flying mobs
    * removed unaccesable Dekane mobs
    * added beta-pvp-asal for BPs
    * fixed awakening on helmet/gaunts/boots
    * Layout/functions like kas suggested, or at least close
    * save to/load from file
    * Splashscreen, cause it always took forever to load
    * fixed save/load ._.
    * PvP Spirit Bomb
    * New piccies :D
    * HoP (or Penya Strike if you want it) (v1.17.13 ignored the upgrade of your yoyo, redownload it if you got that one)
    * Link - now available with linkers - needs more research though
    * One-Click-Buffs
    * "max skills" button
    * CS Pet Awakening (since some versions have the scroll)
    * minor fixes
    * Pet leveling estimation thingy for Sanryu
    * Red Meteo / CW respect their elements correctly
    * v13: Elements up to +20.
    * v13: Coral Island mobs.
    * fix: Crit/Speed awakens.
    * fix: one slot for CS pets.
    * v14: new mobs.
    * v14: new weapons.
    * fix: hopefully the set issue in .22.
    * fix: Ancient 2h Axe, Ancient Bow.
    * fix: Empower Weapon work with offhand weapons now.
    * added: Manual bonus stats

    planned/in progress:
    * remove "special" mobs partially done
    * rework Damage Taken (requires more research)
    * (Lord Buffs)
    * bugfixing ;)

    known bugs/issues:
    * The manual bonus stats only support small values (<204) for saving
    * The manual bonus page is messy. Duely noted.
    * Loading old codes might result in errors, since I didn't update the loading routine.
    * Coral Mobs don't have a ticket thingy like Azria.
    * Missing a bunch of v13 content.
    * Missing a bunch of v14 content.
    * Flame Arrow wrongly requires level 3 Arrow Rain
    * Ele masteries are at 65, not at 70 as they should be
    * Doesn't check stat pet rank for awakening
    * Some overlapping texts
    * Damage Taken still needs more research.

    future plans:
    * PVP Simulator? Who knows ~
    * rewrite the whole code, making it more flexible
    * MAYBE skill damage, after enough research
    * MAYBE aoe support, if skill damage gets ever finished

    If that work for you please gimme a thanks:aplauso::aplauso::aplauso::aplauso:.
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