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  1. Not my dll, made by buga. i take no credit in making this only in posting. thank me if joo like it. most commands work on almost all pservers. exept for forcejoin commands, they close gunz for me. scan please.
    Buga - Coding the DLL
    MAIET - Noobs who made Gunz so hackable
    OneWhoSighs - The GameStructure so you can make fun games with 100 people 65535 rounds
    Waryas - The guy who made the game structure
    LanceVorgin - The original Basehook, plus his amazing CDetour
    Anyone else - Anyone else not above that I say helped, helped.

    -----------------[Feature List]--------------------------------------------------
    - View channel chat from anywhere! (Usernames appear GREEN)
    - View peoples Spawn X, Y, Z
    - Automatically closes Gunz if someone joins your game when your MPlvling
    - Removed Features not for public release:
    ----- Console
    ----- Server shutdown
    - All the hacks below:
    -----------------[Common hacks]----------------------------------------------
    Inject in a lobby, type /getmuid, create game, have other party join, and click on there username
    in the side box, type /getuid, then switch to there number, usually /switch 0.
    Go in game and type /plevel and enjoy.
    (Do not perform in servers with MPlvl Database Checks!)

    Channel Buffer:
    Inject in channel lobby, Wait for someone to talk in the channel, and then type /chansel
    Then leave that channel, type /chanbuff and watch the channel's usercount dwindle.
    (Do not perform in servers with buffer checks)

    The Famous Force Join:
    Inject in lobby, type /forcejoin2 and wait, your Gunz will lag for about 20 seconds, then it should
    say Server Owned, and you will get kicked. Re-login and look at all the people that got owned.
    Continue to piss them off more.

    Quick Server Buffer:
    First, go in Options and BLOCK GENERAL CHAT! Then Inject the DLL, and type /qchanbuff
    Watch people disappear. Repeat as necessary

    Make 100 character 65535 round game:
    Inject in lobby, and create a game. Set the mode to anything BUT Quest. Type /stageset and then
    change the map to what you want. DO NOT TOUCH THE ROUNDS OR USERS, AT THE
    Go in game, hit Tab and look at the rounds. If it did not work try /stageset once more, if that fails
    please retry.

    --------------------[Function Listing]-----------------------------------------
    /info - Gives info about this DLL.
    /tele x y z - Teleports to the given X, Y, and Z
    /pos - Gives your current X, Y, and Z
    /storepos - Stores your current position.
    /recallpos - Recalls your current position.
    /stageset -Sets the stage to have 100 players + 65535 rounds, Activate in Game Lobby, and then switch map to desired
    /chansel - When you get a channel message, this allows you to target that channel.
    /chanswitch {channel} - Switches to that numbered channel as a target
    /chanbuff - Buffers the entire selected channel.
    /qchanbuff - Buffers every channel in the server for added fun.
    /getmuid - Gets your MUID, needed for several commands
    /getuid - Select a persons name in the playerbox, type this, and it will show their UID
    /uidlist - Lists UIDs, Im too lazy to fix it so it looks weird.
    /clearuidlist - Clears UIDs
    /switch {number} - Targets that UID in the UID List, for following commands
    /forcejoin - Forces the the (targeted UID) into a room Haxxed by Buga with PW lolzowned
    /forcejoin2 - Forces a large amount of the server (hopefully all) into the above room {THIS TAKES TIME, AND YOU GET KICKED FROM THE SERVER WHEN IT FINISHES!}
    /spawnmsg - Turns off those annoying spawn messages
    /buff {username} -Whisper buffers targeted user
    /where {username} - Tells you where that user is in the server.
    /clan {text} - Uses the (targeted UID) to talk in their clan. {Very popular command}
    /chan {text} - Allows you to talk in the channel thats (Channel Selected)
    /clanbuff - Buffers the clan of (targeted UID)
    /rn {count} {radius} {height} - Creates a Rocket Nova with desired characteristics
    /flashrain {height} - Rains flash grenades all over from the starting height
    /testrain {height} - Rains your currently selected Melee weapon over the map
    /lggunz {height} - Writes the word "Pen" at the desired height
    /fragrain {height} - Rains frags from the desired height
    /smokerain {height} - Rains smoke grenades from the desired height
    /rocketrain {height} - The "Russian Missle Test" from desired height.
    /hulk {count} - Try for yourself!
    /trail {type} - Trails the selected weapon type. See weapon types above.
    /shot {count} {type} - Shoots count of type
    /respawn - Respawns at your current position.
    /restart - If your stagemaster, and you have (getmuid) you can restart the stage
    /plevel - Start MPlvling the (targeted UID)
    /plevel2 - Start Pleveling the (targeted UID)
    /rocketlvl - Spawns rockets around people when they spawn
    /ghost - Activates ghost mode, you can see yourself, others see you in the middle of the room
    /insane - Insane Massives
    /noflash - Makes flash grenades ineffective on you.
    /fastaction - Fast actions
    /multishot - Turn this on, and shoot a rocket launcher.
    /pen {height} - allows you to pen write in the sky {Buga's fan favorite}
    /admin - Detects if anyone joins the game, and closes Gunz if they do
    /hchat - Makes it so you cant see channel chat




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