PhoenixMu ||9999x|| BOK1/5+juwel Shops

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  1. PhoenixMu ||9999x|| BOK1/5+juwel Shops

    Season5 +3D +Custom new wings, sets and weapons

    * Server Homepage : muonline
    * Server Register : Register
    * Download Center : muonline season 5 Client

    Exp : 9999x
    Drops : 80%
    Shops: Exellent items and box of kundun in shop,
    Special shops: they appear randomly with good exellent items
    Reset: lvl 400, keep stats.
    Monsters: Many spots, big bosses (need full party to kill)
    Characters: Balanced gameplay, equal strenght (elf and other classes can win from BK)

    Avaible Events
    -Castle Siege Event (every week)
    -Raklion Event
    -Crywolf Event
    -Illusion Temple Event
    -Chaos Castle Event
    -Blood Castle Event
    -DevilSquare Event
    -Kantru Event
    -Golden Invasion
    -Wizard Invasion
    -Sky Event
    -Hit & up Event
    -Happy Hour
    -Halloween Event
    -Boss Invasion
    -Rabbit Invasion
    -Moss Merchant event
    -Double Gear Event
    -Imperial Event

    GM events
    -Hide & Seek
    -Dinorant Race
    -Drop Event
    -PK Event
    -and many more !

    /post message
    /pkclear (You can now even clear pk status in game by paying some zen of course !)
    Add stat in game (You can add stat without those old auto clicker)
    /addstr 5000
    /addagi 5000
    /addvit 5000
    /addene 5000
    /addcom 5000 - only for DARKLORD !!!
    /skin monsternumber (turn into a monster, but cost zen)

    Custom Features:
    10 New Wings
    25 New Sets
    17 New Weapons
    10 New Events
    3D Mode

    Super Bosses -drops the new Wings
    Many Other Bosses that gives a challenges to defeat when you are full stats !

    Cool FlashGames!
    Play now the cool minigames aviable, or post your blogs and comments from our social site

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  2. Updated, new events avaible now :)
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