Project Valkirie Full Season3 Ep2 Pre S4 CHS Bugless

Tema en 'Servidores de Mu Online' iniciado por Binarys, 24 Jul 2009.

  1. BETA 2
    - Scroll of Strenght and some scrolls can be bought on CashShop if you ADD time to them (in SECONDS)
    - CashShop Seals stay after disconnecting and respect his respective time.
    - MuOnline comes with info of all others DB except MuLog - THX Shatter for ur DBs.
    - Little fixes on MuOnline DB

    BETA 1
    - Fixed GameServer (PVP bug too).
    - Translated and REAL fixed Data folder ( I think there are some missing files if anyone can share it, great)
    - DBs same of all repacks, they are very bad ordered, we are working on it, example, RankingServer DB Data is on MuOnline.
    - Edited ODBC for RankingServer work with MuOnline DB.
    - Real and corrected message_chs in English, ALL posted on RZ and forums had IT opening msg and others in chinesse, I traducted almost all, if you see IT MSG 1, 2 or other number tell me when happened to traduct it.
    - Client Side almost all traducted to English, thanks to Ema_Leto
    - Illusion Temple Works 110% original.
    - Master SkillTree Works for ALL characters, Summoner have a bugged skilltree, because he DOESNT have skilltree even in MuKorea and MuChina, its a GS error, that send different ID to main.exe, we are working on it.
    - Events for Masters works all.
    - 380 Options works.
    - I think that almost all "normal" things works, please feel free to post bugs.
    - Other fixes by me and Ema_Leto.

    CashShop Points comumn IS NOT ON CHARACTER TABLE it is on MEMB_INFO table, called cspoints.


    MSSQL2005 Downloads:

    SQLEXPR.EXE - for 64bit OS.
    SQLEXPR32.EXE - for 32bit OS.

    MSSQL2005 DB Manager EN:
    SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi - for 32bit OS.
    SQLServer2005_SSMSEE_x64.msi - for 64bit OS

    Download BETA 2 Server and Client Side.

    El server, su version Default es Season III Episode 2 of MuChina (WZ) si crees que le faltan caracteristicas para agregar, como el sets Dark Rose, funciona en este main, pero nuestro trabajo es dejarlo como Default Server, sin mods, despues de agregar Season IV.

    Por favor posteen los bugs que encuentren, pero testeen con estos files, este main, esta carpeta /Data/Local.

    Gracias a todos por ayudar!

    - WebZen - for giving us MuOnline and ServerFiles
    - FeN$x - Reestructuring GS
    - fedee - Test, some fixes, worked DataFolder, etc
    - Ema_Leto - Test, Client Side work, Data work, etc
    - Shatter - Files and DBs parts
    - kimdu
    - All that helps
    - It must be more credits sorry if I forgot

    El thread sera actualizado segun los nuevos updates que salgan.

    Creditos:Binarys, si les gusta no cuesta nada agradeces.