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    I want to talk a little size Knight Online also ..!
    Knight Online other: a lot of her stuff as a MMORPG * There is almost a level. How the character you play in play per game ISE has a lvl, goods (Shell Armor, they are LVL 6 for example) in all its creatures (Apos is lvl 70) There is a lvl. Spent a lot of work associated with this lvl, as we call our luck in the game. When you cut from a creature you won EXP on hold, until the creature is related to things that may fall LVL her thing with this system. Now I will simply tell the system size.

    Experince (Exp) LVL relationship Inc.
    Exp you will earn you kill a monster, you level that is directly related to the level of the creature that killed visit. First, this creature in her cutting process described in the art, non-Party, we assume that you cut without the creature exposed to KS in. The kesitig your AAA cheddar LVL (level 50 you get) If you give the creature lvl 45 Ueken 5000 Exp, Exp lvl 50 AAA creature from the 5000 IS will gain you cut becomes less again.
    Water is the basic logic of the game;
    Creatures you cut the level of higher than yours, you win many experts.
    If you cut the same level of creature you get yours NORMAL Exp.
    Creatures you cut the level is lower than yours, you get Exp AZ.

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