ResetScore System v1.1

Tema en 'Counter-Strike' iniciado por MPunK, 2 Dic 2015.

  1. Les comparto este pluglin de reset de los scores de el ranking.


    Texto Original:


    • /rs
    • /resetscore

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    • resetscore_prefix <default: "!g[!tResetscore System]!g]" -- Changes the prefix that appears in front of every chat message.
    • resetscore_alive -- Controls whether the command can be used when the player is alive.
    • resetscore_viponly -- Change it to "1" if you want the command to be available for VIP users only.
    • resetscore_vipflag -- The flag for VIP users. This is used if the option above is active.
    • resetscore_limit -- If the number is bigger than 0, the plugin automatically activates a limit for the usage of the command. If you set the cvar to "5", you will be able to use the command only 5 times per map.
    • resetscore_resetkills -- Controls whether the kills will be restarted when using the command.
    • resetscore_resetdeaths -- Controls whether the deaths will be restarted when using the command.
    • resetscore_resetmoney -- Controls whether the money will be restarted when using the command.
    • resetscore_notifyall -- Controls whether all players will be notified when a player restarts his score. If set to "0", only the player who used the command will get a chat message.
    • resetscore_sound -- Controls whether a sound will be played when using the command ("0" = no; "1" = yes, but only for the player who used the command; "2" = yes, for all players).
    • resetscore_chat -- Controls whether the command (/rs or /resetscore) will be shown in the chat after it has been used.
    • resetscore_adverttime -- Controls in how many seconds the plugin will self-advertise in chat. Use "0" to disable.


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