server beta, consiguendo gm. WeeDmSs hamachi

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  1. pues por el momento ando buscando gm k sepan sobre server private y ps el server por el momento es beta pq todavia no esta l 100 % por no decir mentiras pero tienenm basntantes cosas
    como por ejemplo :
    perdon por no poner la v. es v.55

    5000 meso
    50drop boss

    necesitas hamachi para poder entrar al server este es el link donde lo puedes bajar:
    Descargar LogMeIn Hamachi gratis

    Red hamachi es: WeedMsS pass- 12345
    WeedMsS1 pass-12345
    WeedMsS2 pass-12345

    aqui esta el link del localhost
    web en contruccion: como se registran : es autorigester

    -Boss Squads
    -Clones, Sexbot
    -Monster Skills
    -Monster Effects
    -ALL PQs WORK!
    -Chairs Work
    -Max AP is 32767
    -AutoCongrats at 250
    Pets Work 100% and spawn with character
    -Pet equips work: Meso Magnet, Magic Scales, etc
    -Salons Work, GM Map has hair/eye changer for player and gm
    -Level Cap is 250
    -PvP in WanWan spa of hell with custom PvP in fm 2-5
    -Guild vs Guild pvp in fm 5
    -Buffs work for 30+ minutes ( change it in skill.wz file )
    -100% Skills work, including 4th job.
    -FoJ every 15 minutes ( you can chang eit in event script)
    -Spindle sells NX
    -Mr Moneybags sells Bosshunter equips
    -Cody is all-in-one skill maxer, changes jobs, and rebirths
    -Duey sells scrolls
    -Mysterious statue and Spinel is teleporter
    -Amos the strong is boss warper
    -Pets sold in Cash Shop
    -100% Working Cash Shop
    -Fredrick sells smegas, rocks, etc
    -Doofus sells pets and evolves pets
    -Konpei warps to PvP Map
    nana(h) sell nx-item
    Nana(L) sells accessories
    Nana(O) sells april fool items
    -Coco Sells Fame
    -1st NPC maxes skills and gives job items
    -Mad Bunny also maxes skills
    -Sera Resets Stats in FM
    -Harry is event NPC in the FM
    -Jukebox with songs
    -Mr-oh is all-in-one item seller for player and gm
    -Computer is all-item seller and only sells to GMs
    -Tombstone sells Piece of Cracked Dimension with power elixirs and warp to pap
    -Adobis (2) sells eye of fire and warp to zakum
    -Gachapon Works
    -Teleport rocks work
    -Smegas work
    -2x Exp card working
    -Fm with all npc needed
    -Malady Advances 4th Jobs
    -VIP Taxi takes places with typing
    -Showa and Orbis Exchange quests
    -Boss Reactors work only once ( use @zakum and @pap to summon zakum and pap )
    -Boss spawner in FM22 ( npc 1012103 )
    -Bob the snail has Max HP
    -Henesys PQ, Kernings PQ, Guild PQ, Zakum PQ ,Ludi pq and LMPQ 100% working
    -Mobs may drop NX if enabled in
    -Working Jump Quests
    -Trade Button Warps to FM

    entren les gustara
  2. dime con que version de maple trabajas y con que repack y depende de eso te ayudo!!!