[Server v0.62]InmortalMS 24/7

Tema en 'MapleStory' iniciado por Trululu, 13 Oct 2009.

  1. Sean Todos Bienvenidos a mi server Inmortal Maple Story [InmortalMS]

    Los rates son: 250x exp. 100x meso. 12x drop.

    El server cuenta con:

    Custom Mini-Quest
    *a mini-quest I made

    -LudiMaze PQ
    -All 4th job work 100%
    -Hired Merchants
    -Guilds/Guild alliances
    -Bosses reactors work
    -PVP (ch 10)
    -10 channels (up to 20)
    -Level Achievements
    -Added some useful spawns like King Clang
    -Whisper Works
    -Party Works
    -Lotsa Custom Commands
    -Changed @reward and @reward1 (More stuff)
    -Marriages work
    -Hired Merchant
    -Ring Effects

    -Custom shop that sells usefull things (not allinone)
    *useful pots
    *Cheap SP reset
    *All Skill Mastery Book Seller (if you dont use skillmaxer)

    -Custom Quests
    *Quest to get Demon Elixirs
    *Long Rebirth Quest (includes 3 npcs in it)

    -Ultimate Jump Quest
    *stacked sum JQ's up and made a prize npc at the end

    -Custom NPC's
    *Custom Rebirth Quest NPC
    *all in one NPC
    *demon elixir quest npc
    *Mount seller
    *Legendary spirit, Monster Rider, Multi-Pet seller
    *Skill Maxer
    *Redeem nx cards into NX
    *custom Donator shop
    *Prize NPC's
    *added more to spinel

    -Custom Maps
    *custom training maps for lvl 170+
    *map where Monsters drop NX cards
    *changed HHG1

    -Custom MonsterDrops
    *Added Lvl64 custom Maple Droplist (includes all maple guns and knuckles)
    *NX card Drops
    *10 random monsters drop chaos scrolls and white scrolls

    Esta bastante completos... y aun no he tenido bugs.

    la web es: http://inmortalms.sytes.net:8080/?cype=main

    GM: AngelPadron

    Espero que se unan :)