Silkroad salvation

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  1. Silkroad Salvation

    It is my pleasure to introduce to you all, a unique private server unlike any other, Silkroad Salvation!


    Cap: Redesigned 70 cap
    Skills: Redesigned 70 cap
    Exp Rate: 10x
    Trade Goods Rate: Some routes are 3x iSro, some are up to 6x iSro
    Item Mall: Provides cosmetic and luxury items only, no pay to win.


    1.) No botting. Users who are caught will be banned immediately.

    2.) No Taxing. A taxi is defined as a high level powerleveling another player who is not contributing in any way to the exp gain. Powerleveling IS allowed as long as the low levels contribute by attacking or healing (buffing is not contributing). You may also join a party as a high level and grind alongside them. This does not apply to server events, guild events, fortress cave or pandora boxs.

    3.) No farming Battle Arena coins with Multiclient AFKers. Ban on all accounts and IP banned from the server.

    What is unique about Silkroad Salvation?

    Since the files are unlikely to ever be released again, the 110 content we currently have is the only content any vsro based pserver will ever be able to provide. Which means with some reworking, we can tailor fit that content to a 70 cap and offer a vast endgame of repeatable fun content without having to ever raise the cap!

    Silkroad Salvation aims at taking Silkroad to the next level. We want to eliminate the grind treadmill and turn silkroad into a viable game for both casuals and hardcore players. Our main focus is PvP content. We did this by moving Battle Arena onto a 2 hour timetable replacing the lame camp fest of CTF. PvP players will not need to grind a second past 70. All there gear will be available via battle arena along with the tablets and elixirs needed to pimp the gear out. PvE players are not left out. We are re-working forgotten world to provide a unique teamplay experience that will allow PvE players to gear out and be competitive. No matter your play style, you will be able to enjoy the game and be competitive.

    Some unique things about Silkroad Salvation:

    1. In an effort to make the game play more balanced, we've tweaked quite a few skills. For instance, oblation doesn't have an absorption buff anymore, bless spell only lasts 30 seconds, so on and so forth. A few Chinese skills have also been given extra buffs.

    2. This server is based around jobbing and pvp. You get quite a bit of money with the increased trader rewards, and you can get gear by going to BA and winning coins.

    Here is a list of everything that's different between iSro , other Private servers and Silkroad Salvation:

    Silkroad Salvation Changelog

    Gameplay Changes
    - Cap changed to 70
    - Exp/Sp Rates changed to 10x
    - Alchemy stone rate changed to 78%
    - Mastery limit is 210 for Chinese
    - Magic pop, DMG scrolls, Premium Ticket and Devil Spirit are removed
    - Universal pills and horse pots stack in 250 stacks
    - Stones that drop from monsters stack in groups of 30.
    - X-large pots, bolts, and arrows, stack in stacks of 1000.
    - New characters begin with 20,000 SP
    - Trade routes now give increased gold by 200%-500%
    - Tablets no longer drop, instead Stones drop in there place
    - 11d stones and set A gear, made level 70, are available in the battle arena manager
    - Battle Arena is scheduled for every 2 hours
    - Basic wolf pet added to battle arena manager (cost 7 tokens)
    - Clock of Reincarnation added to battle arena manager (cost 10 tokens)
    - Silk transports in trader NPC
    - 11d Immortal stones are available at the BA manager.
    - The Bandit Den fortress taxes DW.

    World Map Changes
    - Only Jangan and Dw area's are currently activated. World size was deemed too large for active jobbing encounters. At its peak iSro had 3k players spread over only 3 zones and even then some areas were empty dead zones. We want a server that's all about jobbing, guilds and community. After looking into which trade routes are most active/fun and which areas were the most useless, we decided to completely remove a huge chunk of the world and focus on creating a solid fun experience with a smaller world. (world map is still not edited to reflect these changes)
    - Map of the new jangan mob levels

    - Map of the new Donwhang mob levels

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