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  1. No tomo ningun credito sobre esto, yo solo la simplifique un poquito... Los creditos van a +DREAM+ de

    Warrior Class

    [​IMG] Maple Hero
    Type: Party
    Description: Party members will receive a % increase in their AP stats (STR, DEX, INT & LUK) for a period of time.
    Max Level 20: 40 MP, 600 seconds, 10% increase in STR, DEX, INT & LUK

    [​IMG]Hero's Will
    old name(s): Awake
    Type: Active
    Description: You may escape from certain situations(status?). Probability of escape depends on skill level.
    Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.
    Max Level 10:

    [​IMG] Monster Magnet
    Type: Active
    Description: Pull a monster from a distance.
    Max Level 30: 21 MP, 200% distance, 95% success rate.

    [​IMG] Stance
    Type: Active
    Description: You will be not pushed back by monsters with this skill activated.
    Max Level 30: 50MP 300sec 70% chance of not getting KBed by monsters.

    [​IMG] Charge
    available in 5 versions: sword, axe, hammer, spear, polearm
    old name(s): Rush
    Type: Active
    Description: A dash attack that pushes up to 15 targets.
    Max Level 30: 50MP, 125% attack power, up to 15 targets.

    [​IMG] Achilles
    old name(s): Hard Skin
    Type: Passive.
    Description: Your armor is permanently strengthened; enemy damage is reduced.
    Max Level 30: 16% Physical Reduction

    [​IMG] Hero & Paladin: Blocking
    Type: Passive
    Description: When you are hit by physically contact, your will be able to use the shield to block (with a given probability), reducing the full damage in addition to making the enemy into faint status.
    Requires the use of a shield.
    Max Level 30: 15% chance to Block, immune for 2 seconds.

    PATH: Warrior > Fighter > Crusader > Hero

    [​IMG] Hero: Advanced Combo
    Type Passive
    Description: Combo counter's max limit will be raised to 10. Two Combo counts can increase at the same time at the given probability.
    Requires Crusader's LV 30(MAX) Combo.
    Max Level 30: +30% attack bonus, 5 possible extra orbs, 60% chance to gather two orbs at a time.

    [​IMG]Hero: Enrage
    old name(s): Berserk
    Type: Active
    Description: Consume ten orbs to raise your attack power immensely.
    Max Level 30: 40 MP、240 seconds duration、+26 weapon attack
    Cooldown time: <unknown>

    [​IMG]Hero: Brandish
    old name(s): Sword of Hero
    Type: Active.
    Description: Strike twice with the sword, hitting group of enemies.
    Max Level 30: 25MP, 260% attack power, up to 3 targets.

    PATH: Warrior > Page > Knight > Paladin

    [​IMG] Paladin: Holy Charge (Sword)
    Type: Active
    Description: The power of the sage is given to the Sword, raising the attacking power enormously.
    Max Level 20: 30 MP, 140% attack bonus, 300 seconds duration.

    [​IMG]Paladin: Divine Charge (Hammer)
    Type: Active
    Description: The power of the sage is given to the Hammer, raising the attacking power enormously.
    Max Level 20: 30 MP, 140% attack bonus, 300 seconds duration.

    [​IMG] Paladin: Advanced Charge
    old name(s): Endless Blow
    Type: Passive
    Description: The higher the skill level, the more probability of not losing your charge when using Knight's Charge Blow (at maxed level it will never discharge). Power of Knight's Charge Blow also rises.
    Max Level 10: Charge Blow attack power 350%, 100% probability of keeping your elemental charge when using Charge Blow.

    [​IMG] Paladin: Blast
    old name(s): Fighting Spirit, Spirit
    Type: Active
    Description: Stab a fireceful blow with your charged power into an enemy.
    Max Level 30: 40 MP, 550% attack power

    [​IMG] Paladin: Sanctuary
    Type: Active
    Description: While using Holy Charge, summon a spiritual hammer to unleash a powerful holy shockwave, damaging up to 15 targets and up to until they have 1 HP remaining.
    Cooldown time: 100 seconds.
    Max Level 30: 60 MP, 900% attack power, up to 15 targets

    Dark Knight
    PATH: Warrior > Spearman > Dragon Knight > Dark Knight

    [​IMG] Dark Knight: Berserk
    old name(s): Dark Blow
    Type: Passive
    Description: Unlock the soul potential of the body as you become HP critical status, increasing your power explosively. Dark Blow's power will be lost once you have been recovered.
    Max Level 30: Required HP level to activate: 40%, 200% attack bonus.

    [​IMG] Dark Knight: Beholder
    old name(s): Dark Soul
    Type: Summon
    Description: Summon the Beholder (Dark Soul).
    Max Level 10: 30 MP, 20 minutes lasting duration.

    [​IMG] Dark Knight: Beholder's Healing
    old name(s): Dark Soul: Healing Mastery
    Type: Passive
    Description: The Dark Soul will heal the Dark Knight per every time interval. The higher the skill level the higher it heals.
    Max Level 25: 10 seconds interval, 500 HP recovery

    [​IMG] Dark Knight: Beholder's Buff
    old name(s): Dark Soul: Enchanting Mastery
    Type: Passive
    Description: The Dark Soul will enchant the Dark Knight with a power up per every time interval. There are several kinds of power ups, and you get them randomly. Power ups include increase in weapon defense, magic defense, avoidability, accuracy, as well as weapon attack.
    Max Level 25: 25 seconds lasting duration for each buff, possible buffs include: weapon defense up, magic defense up,avoidability up, accuracy up, and weapon attack up, 10 seconds interval between casting times.

    Bueno eso es todo, podria traducirlo pero tardaria mucho, luego hare de las otras clases =D
  2. Para llega hasta allá falta muuuuuuuuuuucho...
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