Svac hack v70

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  1. weno se supone k deven saber ingles
    lo basico pa jugar maple
    no lo tradusco x la peresa XD!

    This is not the same thing as what GeneticFears posted..

    This is an updated version of what he posted.

    Credits to : PinCrackerGod of GH Forums.

    The PCG BIG PACK has:

    *Added* Highland (Gryphons)
    *Added* Transfer Area (Stirges) (Warrior Loot Friendly)
    *Added* Soul Corridor (Killa Bees) (Warrior Loot Friendly)
    *Added* Crows Forest 2 (Crows) (Warrior & Mage Loot Friendly)
    *Added* Dangerous Cave (Flyeye)
    *Added* The Path Of Peril (Typhons) (Warrior Loot Friendly)
    *Added* Forked Road East Sea (Mask fish) (Warrior Loot Friendly??)

    This does not a/b for the last time.....

    Hack from 10pm - 6am CALIFORNIA TIME

    YOU CAN NOT GET SUED!!!!!!!!!!! ITS TO SCARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    If your going to sue someone it has to be over money and if someone hacks for 1 year straight everyday it doesn't do much damage to the game probably $5, so they can't sue you.... Also your under-aged which is another reason and even if your 18 years or older.. this concept has been looked over already you can not get sued no matter what. I promise you



    Took me 5 minutes to download this =\ Sorry.
  2. oie tanto demora
  3. cabron tanto tiempo mas vale q sirva
  4. no se puede descargar..... es una lala
  5. oe man lo descargue pero voy al map de hack y me bota al tiro ay algun problema?
  6. ay algun problema para que te boten cuando estas en el map?
  7. es para gms?
  8. oe cabron, rosquete, *******.... no funciona tu hack........ invesil pon un tuturial para usarlo
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