Tema en 'Música' iniciado por CoolBoyxD, 10 Ago 2008.

  1. hola gente, traje algunas canciones :D lo saque del foro de mi juego
    a ver si les gustan algunas =D, es musica extranjera, rara y algunas me gustan xD a ver denme vuestra opinion =/ aqui va:
    rapper - eminem
    song name - role model
    Hate On Me" by Jill Scott
    1. Eyes On Me - Faye Wong
    2. First Love - Utada Hikaru
    3. Stand With You On A Mountain - Savage Garden
    4. Brown Eyes - Destiny Child
    5. Hypnotized - Plies Ft.Akon
    6. I'll Be Missing You - P Diddy Ft.Faith Evans
    7. Where'd You Go - Fort Minor
    8. Numb/Encore - L P Ft.Jay-Z
    9. Side 2 Side - Three Six Mafia
    10. I'm Back - Baby Bash
    Disturbed - The Night, Enough, Criminal, Perfect Insanity, 10,000 Fists, I'm Alive (Many More)
    Godsmack - Straight out of line, Re-Align
    Linkin Park - Faint, In The End, Numb, Papercut
    1 - Point of View - McFly
    2 - The White One is Evil - Elliot Minor
    3 - Muscle Museum - Muse
    4 - Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars
    5 - Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
    6 - Black Cat - Mayday Parade
    7 - Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner
    8 - Parallel Lines - Todd Rundgren
    9 - Katagoshi ni Kinsei (Venus Over my Shoulder) - Komatsu Ayaka
    10 - Comatose - Skillet
    Lil Wayne - The Carter III
    1.Children of Bodom-Touch Like Angel Of Death
    2.Cradle Of Filth-Nymphetamine
    3.Evanescence-Bring Me to Life
    4.In Flames-Bullet Ride
    5.Metallica-Master Of Puppets , Fade to Black
    6.Slipknot-Before I Forget , Wait and Bleed , Duality
    7.Arch Enemy-Revolution Begins
    8.Burzum-Dunkelheit , War
    9.Testament-The Evil Has Landed
    10.Faithful Darkness-Pure Silence
    1. Roses and Butterflies - Making April
    2. EarthQuake - Family Force 5
    3. Enter SandMan - Metallica
    4. Everytime We Touch - Cascada (Lol it's catchy and makes me wanna dance.)
    5. Master of Puppets - Metallica
    1. "Crossroads" by Eric Clapton
    2. Anything from The Ventures
    3. "Dr. Feelgood" by Mötley Crüe
    4. "I'm Not Driving Anymore (Remix)" by Rob Dougan
    5. "El Farol" by Carlos Santana
    6. "Pride n' Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan
    7. "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin
    8. "In From The Dark" by Silent Force
    9. "Mas Tequila" by Sammy Hagar
    10. "Man In The Box" by Alice In Chains
    A Billi Remix by Jay-Z,
    * Chevelle - Red, The; Forfeit, Comfortable Liar, Send The Pain Below, Closure, Bend the Bracket, Vitamin R, Panic Prone, Well Enough Alone, I get it.
    * Crossfade - already Gone, Cold, So Far Away, Why, Never Comming Home, Washing The World Away, Someday, Invincible
    * Disturbed - Hell, Overburdened, Forgiven, Ten Thousand Fists, Just Stop, Stricken and i really love Darkness
    * Nickelback - Far Away, If Everyone Cared, Photograph.
    * Staind - So Far Away, Right Here
    * Paramore - crushcrushcrush, Misery Business
    * Ill Niño - Alibi Of Tyrants
    * 12 Stones - Anthem for the Underdog, It was you, Lie to me, This Dark Day, Arms of a Stranger, Photograph.
    * 30 seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie, The Kill
    *Breaking Benjamin - Wish I May, Medicate, Breath

    1. California Home - Darren Hayes
    2. Far Into the Sky - Brave Fencer Musashi Soundtrack
    3. Encounter - Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack
    4. Foreplay/Long Time - Boston
    5. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
    6. Operation Ground and Pound - Dragonforce
    7. Tsuki No Shijima - Yui Makino
    8. Just Melody - UVERworld
    9. Speedway - m.o.v.e.
    10. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
    Favorite music genres:

    J-rock, J-pop, K-rock, C-rock, T-rock, heavy metal, death metal, black metal, grindcore, goregrind, trash metal, doom metal, industrial, trance, techno, crust, etc...

    Favorite artists:
    Ayabie, Plastic Tree, Deathgaze, Blam Honey, Eiko Shimamiya, Ai Otsuka, Hitomi Takahashi, Kotoko, Mushroomhead, etc...

    Favorite songs:
    "Sinner"- Deathgaze
    "Love is Here"- Janne da Arc
    "Sakura"- Kagrra,
    "Naraku no Hana"- Eiko Shimamiya
    "Uzu-maki"- KOTOKO
    "D-Technolife"- UVERworld
    "Geneous Fortune in the Garden (Part 2)"- Blam Honey
    "Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe"- Girugamesh
    "Dear My Friend"- Miyavi
    "Harusaki Sentimental"- Plastic Tree
    "let the beat build", "mr. carter",
    wasnt me - shaggy
    1. Stupid Boy by Keith Urban
    2. Banjo Bo by Ryan Shupe and The Rubberband
    3. Holler Back by The Lost Trailers
    4. She's a Butterfly by Martina McBride
    5. My Sister by Reba McEntire
    6. Our Song by Taylor Swift
    0.) "Time Of Sacrifice"~The Phoenix's Dream (back of its my band...litterally im its singer)
    1.) "Diary Of Jane"~Breaking Benjamin
    2.) "Own Little World"~CellDweller (remixed and original versions of course)
    3.) "Through The Fire And The Flames"~DragonForce
    4.) "Missing"~Evanescence
    5.) "Obsession"~.Hack//Sign Opening
    6.) "Sporadic Movement"~CKY
    7.) "Blow Me Away"~Breaking Benjamin
    8.) "Forsaken"~Within Tempation
    9.) "Dr. Online"~Zeromancer
    10.) "Darling"~Eyes Set To Kill
    11.) "Judith"~A Perfect Circle
    12.) "The Bad Touch"~BloodHound Gang
    13.) "I Still Lost"~Dommin
    14.) "Nova Era"~Angra
    15.) "I Miss You"~Blink 182
    Baby Got Back" Sir Mix-A-Lot.
    bleed it out-linkin park
    in the end-linkin park
    what ive done-linkin park
    scars-papa roach
    jesus of suburbia-green day
    ~This is a Call - Thousand foot krutch (gosh....this song is amazing)
    ~The potential Break Up Song - Aly & Aj
    ~Bad dream/Creeper/Don't cry/Feel it - Jakalope
    ~Bleeding Love -Leona Lewis :p
    ~Hide and seek - Immogen Heap (I have no idea why i like that one -_-)
    ~Forever/With you - Chris brown
    ~Get it shawty - Lloyd >_>;;
    ~Beat it - Michael Jackson ft Fergie XD
    ~She wants to Move - N.E.R.D
    ~Curly sue - Takida
    ~Blind/Every me and every you - Placebo

    1. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
    2. Metallica - Unforgiven II, Nothing Else Matters, One
    3. Disturbed - The night, Enough, Facade, Run, Indestructable, perfect Insanity, Criminal, 10,000 fists, I'm Alive, Land of Confusion, Believe, Overburdened
    4. Linkin Park - In the end, One step closer, Faint, Numb, No more sorrow, hands held high
    5. Evanescence - October, Bring me to Life, My Immortal
    6. Stone Sour - Through Glass, Zzyzx Rd, Bother
    7. Nickleback - Far away, Photograph, Rockstar
    8. Dragonforce - Through the fire and flames, cry for eternity, storm the burning fields, operation ground and pound
    9. System of a down - BYOB
    10. Ne-yo - Closer
    11. Tiesto - In the dark, He's a pirate, Elements of life, Dance4life, Urban Train, Love comes again, Silence, Adagio for strings
    12. Armin Van Buuren - All.
    13. Ferry Corsten - Faithless, Fire, Why go
    14. Goo Goo Dolls - iris
    15. 3 doors down - Here without you, Superman/Kryptonite
    16. Ultimate NRG1,2,3
    17. Lil'Wayne - Lollipop
    18. Timbaland
    19. Alex Guadino
    20. David Guetta - Love dont let me go, winner of the game, baby when the lights go out, joan of arc
    21. Eric Clapton - Layla, Tears in Heaven, Change the world
    22. Cat Stevens - Cats in the cradle
    23. Cold Chisel - Khe Sahn
    24. Guns'N'Roses - Sweet child of mine, knockin on heavens door, welcome to the jungle, paradise city, patience, November Rain
    25. Godsmack - I stand alone, Straight out of line, Re-align, Changes, Moonbaby, Voodoo, serenity
    26. Andrea Bocelli
    27. Il Divo

    1) Skidrow-Youth gone wild
    2) Blue october-Hate me
    3) Linkin Park- In the end
    4) Marillion- Kayleigh
    5) Sisters of mercy- Temple of love
    6) Killers- All these things i've done
    7) Hoobastank- The reason
    8) Lost Prophets- Last summer
    9) Anthrax- Got the time
    10) Metallica- Don't tread on me