|v109| Matiuz Trainer v2.5 ~ Bypass-less

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  1. Matiuz Trainer v2.5
    Estado: Actualizado



    - All Features are Bypass-less
    - Map ID
    - MiniMap
    - All Bots [Auto Attack, Auto Loot, Auto Pot, Auto Skill's]
    - Matiuz Vac
    - Unlimited Attack + Attack Checker to Avoid Baning.
    - Morph Godmode
    - [SS] Mouse click teleport
    - No Breath + Breath Checker to Avoid Baning
    - Teleport [X,Y]
    - Fall through floor
    - Uber tubi
    - Super Zakí
    - [Atk] Freeze char [Useless]
    - [Male] Pirate effect (Transformation) [Useless]
    - [Female] Pirate effect (Transformation) [Useless]
    - [CS] World Change [Useless]
    - Injector
    - Player detection [DC]
    - Unlimited attack v2
    - Fall Off Map
    - Packet sender
    - Multi Packet Spammer
    - Timed/People/Attacks CC
    - Timed/People/Attacks CS
    - Perion FM
    - Drop mesos
    - Suicide
    - No Breath v2
    - Morph Hack


    - Map ID : Indicates the ID of the map

    - MiniMap: Shows the image of the current map.

    - All Bots: Automatic mode

    - Matiuz Vac: Situate the monsters in a fixed location.

    - Unlimited attack: You can attack more than 100 times without stopping.

    - Morph Godmode: Transforms you in a untouchable thing.

    - [SS] Mouse click teleport: When clicking teleports you.

    - No Breath: Do not get tired, and nothing can stop you of attack.

    - Teleport [X,Y]: Teleports you fixed coordinates (X,Y).

    - Fall through floor: You fall through floor. :py25:

    - Uber tubi: You can grab the items without delay. (Very fast)

    - Super Zakí: You can attack more fast than normal.

    - [Male]/[Female] Pirate effect (Transformation): Transforms you into a pirate. [Useless]

    - [CS] World Change: You change of world, But is CS = Client sided. [Useless]

    - Injector: You can inject files .dll to MapleStory.exe

    - Player detection [DC]: If 1 player go to ur map, u will crash automatically (to prevent ban.)

    - Unlimited attack v2: Is exactly same that the Unlimited attack, But the v2 is more safe

    - Fall Off map: You can go to down the map.

    - Packet Sender: You can send any packet without be detected.


    AutoPot, porqué no funciona? [AutoPot Config]:

    Make sure to set your alert to 100%!

    Cuando injecto el trainer no me aparece nada!

    You need install, this programs:
    - Net Framework 4.0
    - VC++ Redistributable 2010

    Then Download my Matiuz Pack .dlls And paste the .dlls to:
    C: \WINDOWS\system32
    C: \WINDOWS\sysWOW64

    Matiuz Pack .dlls

    Now Matiuz Trainer, and all my releases would work.

    Matiuz Vac, Full Botting:


    Quieres un Full Botting?

    I do recommend:
    - Auto attack
    - Auto Pot
    - Auto Skill [Optional]
    - Super Zakí [Optional]
    - Unlimited attack [Optional]
    - Matiuz Vac
    - Physical Godmode (You can use the GGTrainer to this)
    - AutoCC/CS: 10/15 Seconds

    [!] Matiuz Trainer updated and working to gMS v1.09!
    [+] AutoAttack/AutoLoot/AutoPot/AutoSkill - Keys Customizables
    [+] Pointer reader [Mouse X, Mouse Y, Mount]
    [+] Uber tubi - Optimized
    [+] AutoCC Key-Based
    [+] Matiuz Ghost
    [+] Mount Hack
    [+] Date/Hour
    [+] AutoClick
    [+] 'Tips' tab
    [+] Logo
    [+] Icon
    [+] Fixed minor bugs
    [-] Packet-Stuff disabled

    [!] Matiuz Trainer updated to v2.4, and still working to gMS v1.04
    [+] 'Home' tab
    [+] Pointer reader [World, Char X/Y, Channel, People, Attacks ..]
    [+] Wall Vac + Settings
    [+] Timed Fall Off Map
    [+] Dance
    [+] "Get current coordinates" button to: Matiuz vac/Teleport/SP
    [+] Portal Spot
    [+] Familiar No Breath
    [+] AutoPot Fixed and available
    [+] AutoCC Fixed
    [+] 'Close' Button
    [+] Spawn Point Control
    [+] All Mob IDs
    [+] Fixed minor bugs
    [+] New design of packets
    [+] Packets added:
    - Dimensional Door
    - Time Gate
    - Perion FM
    - Drop Mesos
    - Drop Items
    - Drop equipped items
    - Map/Permit/Trade/Whisper/Wedding - DC
    - Familiar Auto Summon
    - Skills
    - Suicide
    - Pet Closeness Exploit
    - AP Distribution
    - Mushy lock
    - Mushy unlock
    - Open Mushy without items inside
    - MTS Re-fresher
    - Sell items 0 mesos

    [!] Matiuz Trainer updated to v2.3, and still working to gMS v1.04
    [+] Timed/People/Attacks AutoCC!
    [+] Timed/People/Attacks AutoCS!
    [+] Multi Packet Spammer
    [+] Morph Hack
    [+] Matiuz vac - Range reduced
    [+] Auto Attack and Auto Skill more stable
    [+] Perion FM
    [+] Drop mesos
    [+] Suicide
    [-] Auto pot - disabled

    [!] Matiuz Trainer updated to v2.2, and working to gMS v1.04
    [+] Packet sender
    [+] New GUI
    [+] Fixed minor bugs
    [+] Matiuz vac more stable
    [+] No Breath v2
    [-] Super zakí disabled
    [-] [Atk] Char freeze disabled

    [!] Matiuz Trainer updated to v2.1, and still working to gMS v1.03
    [+] Fixed minor bugs
    [+] More stable
    [+] Matiuz Vac
    [+] Fall Off Map

    [!] Matiuz Trainer updated to v2.0, and still working to gMS v1.03
    [+] GUI modified.
    [+] Injector
    [+] Player detection [DC]
    [+] Unlimited attack v2

    [!] Matiuz Trainer ~ Bypass-less created, and updated to v1.03 on November 28/2011

    Virus Scan (0.0%):

    Matiuz Trainer + Matiuz Injector

    Mateopp - Creador [​IMG]
    Shamar2000 - Pointers y Offsets
    GoonLife - MiniMap
  2. no funka me da DC
  3. y cuando lo actualizan? a la 1.10?
  4. Esta actualizado ? funciona en la versión actual?
  5. no no funciona!
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