WoWEmuHacker Public Final 03/05/2009 By GonzaloxDand Devalina ^^,

Tema en 'World of Warcraft' iniciado por lThe lGonzaxD, 31 Mar 2009.

  1. Holap bueno aca un hacker que les ayudara mucho en el wow para todas las versiones :D espero les ayude

    Lo subo a rapidshre hasta que se tope xC

    Como usar :
    Descomprimir el archivo.
    - 1 --> abre el wow emu hacker
    - 2 --> To logueas hasta que cargue procces addres
    - 3 --> Seleccionas la opcion (fly o speed)
    y listo


    info original
    This is WoWEmuHacker Final release.

    In this version the current features that are working are.

    Goto Location. (depends on your server of course)
    Goto Spirit Healer. (Same as above)
    Goto Corpse. (same as above)
    SpeedHacking. (same as above)
    Wall Climb.
    No Fall Damage.
    Teleport to Plane.
    Walk on Water.
    Hyper Mode
    P2p Teleport. (Use Hotkeys)
    Allow Model Hacks.
    Gravity Control. (Disabled in 3.0.3)
    Change Model Size. (Only effects local client, as in no one else can see the effect.)
    No Clip (HotKey Controlled)
    Increase XYZ (HotKey Controlled)
    Decrease XYZ (HotKey Controlled.)
    Air Jump
    Rosetta Stone. (Allows your to understand any language.)

    This version supports the following WoW Clients. 2.4.3, 2.4.2, 2.4.0, 3.0.3 These clients are detected through an MD5 hash check run when the target process is selected. If you have modded your WoW.exe the MD5 will fail and you will not be able to use WEH with it, you can provide the MD5 shown by Client Info and WoW exe version to me in a PM to have support added.

    Run down on the buttons.

    Teleport List.
    Add Location. Used to add a location quickly to your Teleport List, It can be edited later.
    Launch WoW.
    Spirit Healer. When dead teleports you to the spirit healers XYZ.
    Goto Corpse. When dead teleports you to your corpses XYZ.
    HotKeys. Brings up the Hotkey Dialog Box. Note* To remove a hotkey select the hotkey you want hit backspace so it says None then hit set.
    Client Info. Displays the Pid, Client Version, MD5, Client Path, of the open process.
    Save Settings. Saves your currently selected options in the windows registry.
    About. Brings up the about box.

    Selecting a Client:
    If you have started WEH5 before starting wow you can select your client by going to the Process ID Drop List and selecting the PID of the client, this allows you to select from multiple versions of WoW.exe that might be open and using the Client Info button, you can confirm if its the correct one you have selected, by default WEH5 will open the first WoW.exe that it detects. If you have more then 1 wow open you can still switch to an other client from the drop box.

    Note* Warning: There have been a few reports from users who use AVG anti virus that the AVG program has been blocking WEH5, this is because of the file compressor used with WEH5 is setting off the AVG protection and therefor causing it to block the program from starting. The fix to this is to add WEH5 to the allow list of programs in AVG or to Disable AVG while using WEH5, no other Anti Virus programs have had any issues that I am aware of.

    There was a minor issue reported when someone tried using a wow client below 3.0.3 which has been fixed. You should not be able to use any of the supported WoW Clients with out half of the features not working as intended.

    posdt : espero les sirva como a mi pero en otro server jojoj....
  2. Hola bueno como puedes ver amigo tengo un problema con el hack al intentar abrirlo me sale esto
    Si no pueden ver la imagen Click Aki

    o Tambien Aki
    La imagen del Error

    Saludos Gzla
  3. este hack es para exp tambien amigo?
  4. :cool: Deves de quitarle ante la protección para Ejecutar... y segun el Xp que uses deves de cambiar los privilegios y abrir como Administrador .:arriba: