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  1. Los invito a jugar !

    Default Xiona KO - PK/Very light farm * Lvl 80 *

    Welcome to XionaKO!

    XionaKo Server Informations :
    *Fast, Secure & Reliable Dedicated Server.
    *AntiCheat Works, The majority of public koxp's or hacks as you may say, will get your dc'd and banned.
    *Advanced Firewall & Encrypted Passwords.
    *Level Cap is 80 And You Will Start Lvl 80!
    *You Will Start With The Basic Gear!
    *Wars, CSWs, Bifrost, Forgotten Temple,And New Items Are Coming Soon,Alot Events and more.
    *King Elections available.
    *Active Admin/GM's Every Day For Support You All The Time At Every Hour.
    *No laggs
    *All skills should work
    *Balanced Classes!?!? Indeed!
    *In Game name change!
    *You can NT via panel!

    Anvill Rates:

    •+1 To+8:100%•To+9 :5%

    •To+9:15% With Trina

    Uniques Upgrade rates:
    •+0 To +1:100%
    •+1 To +2:100%
    •+2 To +3:100%
    Server is Live

    What has been done in the re-launch?
    Well we added a few new things, thats going to make things more interesting and fun!
    Such as:
    *8 Different premium types! ( that give additional NPs per kill )
    *Balanced classes from last go around!
    *Deleting DD, it was just too much!
    *Added In Game Name change, you can buy the Namechange scroll via vote shop!
    *Server will start lvl 80 and stay at 80 for a while then possible we will raise it to 83 and maybe 85? It will be tought to lvl to 81-85 (if we add it) To give you that XP feeling too!
    *Classes are now balanced!

    Why do i feel they are balanced?
    We had multiple VS's with each class and almost everyone came out with the winner having 500-1k HP, did it with multiple people aswell!

    What did i do?

    Well first of lets start with:

    I increased the damage of novas and the lvl 70 skill for all elements!

    Gave each skill a tad buff!

    Lowered the amount of damage Hell blade does but just a tad!

    Nothing, they are fine!
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